Crunching over the construction demolition left by a hydraulic breaker, maneuvering around mountains of spoils from an excavator or stopping to pick up a mud-covered crew for lunch, a work-focused utility vehicle can cross busy jobsites with speed, safety and power. The dust kicks up and lingers in the air, swirling for a moment. The spinning tires grip, and the utility vehicle bursts forward again. There’s more work to be done.

While the classic pickup has been a long-standing jobsite essential, a utility vehicle (or UTV) has become the new popular all-terrain transport alternative. Engineered with a cargo bed, tow-hitch, racking for tools and even PTO- or hydraulic-fueled attachments, UTVs are now being specifically engineered for work applications in construction, landscape, agriculture and more. To get a grip on the latest market trends, buying advice and coolest models, we reached out to all the major brands in the commercial UTV industry.

We found out customers are using UTVs to replace other vehicles like pickup trucks and tractors to do their jobs. These vehicles are designed to work on the jobsite and in off-road environments, but they also allow customers to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. Today, 4x4s have the largest market share because most folks want four-wheel drive. Gas is also exceeding diesel because the customer segment is focused on performance engines and emissions standards, but diesel engines are still a serious player in the market. There is also a noticeable trend in multi-seat units. This growing segment allows customers to convert space to carry equipment or a crew. Utility vehicle purchasers should focus on products that combine rugged construction, gritty performance, ultra-smooth ride and feel-good amenities. Check out all the models in this section of the spec guide.

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