The Aerial Lift Expert Entered the Utility Vehicle Market in 2017

In March of 2017, JLG Industries Inc. entered a new product category with the launch of its utility vehicles. The company has two models — the three-seat 315G and six-seat 615G. JLG’s parent company, Oshkosh Corp., has been making vehicles for 100 years, which coupled with the customer’s needs, made this a unique opportunity to introduce the utility vehicle product to the marketplace. Available in North America, these gas-powered vehicles are manufactured through a partnership agreement with Arctic Cat. Their versatility makes them an efficient means of moving people and materials around large construction sites, convention centers, event venues and commercial business parks.

JLG says these vehicles have a rugged design and were built to withstand heavy, long-term use. Its customers will benefit from the convenience of a single source equipment supplier when purchasing these utility vehicles with traditional JLG access equipment products. In addition, customers can have peace of mind knowing the product is backed by JLG’s established parts and service support centers.

The JLG 315G and 615G feature a 10-in. ground clearance with four-wheel drive and an independent suspension to keep all four wheels on the ground during travel. While in operation, drivers can shift between two-wheel and four-wheel drive, locking the differential for improved traction. Durability is further enhanced by rugged axles, standard skid plate, brush guard bumper, heavy-duty steel frame and powder-coated paint.

According to JLG, the 315G and 615G boast class-leading cargo capacities with a 1,000-lb capacity cargo box and 1,500-lb towing capacity. This is beneficial to customers as it allows for transporting more materials in a single trip.

To further enhance productivity, the cargo bed side panels are removable to accommodate a full-size skid, meaning operators can carry even more material, reducing the number of trips around the worksite. Standard features on the vehicles include contoured seats and foot beds, individual headrests and seat belts, power steering, backup alarm, cup holders, halogen headlights, an under-hood storage compartment and an oil filter access panel. Operators can choose from additional options to enhance comfort. These include an enclosed cab kit that comes in both hard and soft packages, heaters, windshields, beacons, rear view and side view mirrors. JLG utility vehicles were purpose-built for use on rugged construction and industrial sites.

Advice to Buyers

“Like any purchase, take careful consideration of after the sale service and support,” says Jeff Ford, JLG Industries director of global strategy and business development. “Does the manufacturer have a network of authorized service centers or distribution outlets that can service the vehicle, so if you relocate, for example, you will continue to have access to a convenient location for parts and service to maintain your UTV?”

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