Exploring Kubota’s New RTV-X1130 and RTV-X Utility Vehicles + Its Cool New ProKonvert Bed

Way back in 2015, I remember attending Kubota’s annual dealer meeting where it launched its RTV-X1140 utility vehicle — engineered with the “K-Vertible” cargo conversion system — which transforms the RTV-X1140 from two seats and a giant cargo bed to four seats and a small cargo bed. I’ve always been a big fan of that unit, which Kubota still sells today. At World of Concrete in late January 2024, Kubota unveiled another cool convertible cargo bed idea — the ProKonvert bed — which will be an option on its new RTV-X lineup and standard on the new RTV-X1130 (the latter featuring a 6-ft long bed that transforms into multiple configurations).

“This is our new ProKonvert bed, which is trademarked by us, where you can let down one side or let down all of the sides of the bed if you want to add a load in from any side,” explained Kiara Daniel, Kubota product manager for RTV accessories, giving a walkaround of the RTV-X1130 on the show floor. “We also have the ability to remove the sides all together and convert it into a flatbed. It’s all toolless, and you can do that in under five minutes, which is a great benefit for those that are trying to do work around their property, farm, construction site, whatever you have. Inside of the bed, you can see we have storage dividers. If you haul multiple types of material, you can separate it out. It adds up to great performance just from this bed.”

Let’s start with the RTV-X1130, which offers an impressive 26 cu ft of bed storage and a cargo capacity of 1,213 lbs. Then, using the new ProKonvert system, the bed and its three sides can be easily configured without tools, allowing operators to drop the two sides and/or the back tailgate for loading and even converting it into a flatbed. Plus, a hydraulic dump bed with new bed lock on the RTV-X1130 allows for more controlled loads and precision material placement. The hydraulic dump bed comes standard so sand, gravel, turf and more can be dumped with little effort in mere seconds. As far as colors the new RTV-X1130 is available in Kubota orange or RealTree Camo.

Kubota RTV-X1130 utility vehicle dumping dirt

“We also have two additional accessories that are only for this model in particular,” said Daniel. “We have a bed light, so if you’re in low light conditions and you need that additional lighting capacity, you have that cargo bed panel, which is really nice. It’s LED. Then there is also the tailgate extender. It’s good if you have the cargo bed winch, and you’re trying to pull something up and you need to be a little more flush to the ground. That’s going to help. Then, also if you need more precision dumping, that is going to allow your load to kind of slide out.”

The cargo bed on Kubota’s RTV-X1130 is constructed of heavy-duty steel and comes standard with a spray-on bed liner. There is also the option of a rear in-bed winch to load heavy and awkwardly sized loads, made even easier when paired with a tailgate extender and back LED lights. There’s also under-the-bed storage boxes, which keep smaller tools and items out of the way but keeps them easily accessible when needed. It’s an impressive setup.

Kubota RTV-X1130 utility vehicle with Pro Konvert bed

“There’s only one other model in the competition that has something similar, but we have the only steel cargo bed box,” said Daniel. “It’s going to be able to take a lot more abuse versus something that’s plastic. Plus, you can do two or three repetitions before you even get one of the other beds down in a position you want. This is a very good machine. It’s built to work.”

When it comes to diesel utility vehicles, Kubota was the pioneer in the industry, and this RTV-X1130 comes with a Kubota diesel engine and Kubota’s VHT-X hydrostatic transmission, providing smooth and powerful performance on various terrain. The RTV-X1130 has a maximum travel speed of 25 mph and uses multi-disc wet brakes. Operators will have optimal control when traveling down long inclines, knowing that dynamic braking is helping to provide additional braking power. Regardless of the terrain or load, independent suspension on all four wheels helps to ensure an excellent ride. Kubota’s extra duty IRS (independent rear suspension) technology is durable and helps to power optimal productivity. Then there are a zillion add-ons for the RTV-X1130, ranging from cab enclosures and backup alarms to blade attachments and trailer hitches. Check out options and everything else over here.

Kubota’s New RTV-X and New Naming Structure Explained

Kubota RTV-X with workers building a house home lumber wood

If the RTV-X1130 wasn’t big enough news, Kubota continued its World of Concrete tour by unveiling the new RTV-X, which also introduces a new naming structure for Kubota’s line of diesel-powered utility vehicles. The new RTV-X sports all those classic Kubota features (diesel engine and that variable hydrostatic transmission) + awesome new coolness (like HDMP or heavy-duty multipurpose tires and that exclusive ProKonvert cargo bed option on select models). Kubota also plans for more models and option packages under the RTV-X line, ending the numeric naming system Kubota has used in the past.

“The RTVX is replacing our X900 and our X1120,” explained Daniel. “Those were two models that we had previously, and we’re moving through a naming conversion change as well. We don’t have numbers, mainly because a lot of our customers are not sure what the 900 or 1120 means, so why not move away from it? In the future you may see RTVX cab, RTVX crew, something that the customer can relate to. But we’ve made other changes as well. We also consolidated some of our SKUs. Between the previous two models we had about 18 configurations. Now we’re down to nine. That makes it easier for our dealers to order and also for the customer to kind of know what they want. We’re offering a new color with this lineup so you can get it in desert sand (pictured below), which is a really cool color offering. It also comes in camo and orange.”

To start, the RTV-X features a standard cargo bed capacity offering 15 cu ft of storage and a cargo capacity of 1,102 lbs. An optional hydraulic dump bed allows for more controlled loads and precision material placement. The cargo bed is made from durable steel and can be upgraded with a spray-on bedliner for standard models, while premium grades come with the bedliner as a standard feature. Also on the premium grade model, the new ProKonvert system comes standard.

Kubota RTV-X utility vehicle in desert sand color scheme

“You’ll see we have a little bit more aggressive styling on this RTV-X,” said Daniel. “We have a new tire option, which is our HDMP heavy duty multipurpose tires, which kind of goes with that aggressive look. You have the option of LED high and low beam lights on some of the trims, and we have three trim options. We have basic, we have our standard and then we have our premium trim. As you move up, you get additional features. With the basic you don’t get the hydraulic bed dump. It’s a manual. With premium, now you are moving up to the ProKonvert system.” 

Kubota’s RTV-X is ready to work and play. The full steel frame isolates the driver and passengers from harsh noise and vibrations. Electronic options include LED work lights, a light bar and a variety of winch options. Cab comfort options include a variety of windshield, roof, rear panel and door options to help protect occupants from the elements. Plus, Kubota’s K-Connect and PTO Drive system make the machine even more versatile by allowing the quick attachment and detachment of a large variety of implements like blades to snowblowers.

Kubota RTV-X utiilty vehicle interior of cab

“If you’re in the northern climates and you want to run a snowblower or broom, we have our PTO-driven K-Connect system that you can add,” said Daniel. “If you just want to add a blade, we have a 72-in. and a 78-in. blade you can hook up. We have V-blade options. You can add lights, strobe lights, a blinker kit and those different types of options. There’s extra storage containers and doors if you would like. There are different types of windshields and roofs. We have a lot of different options when it comes to accessories, so you can customize it depending on what you’re using it for.”

Owners and operators will find plenty of uses for both the RTV-X and RTV-X1130 utility vehicles. If you’re looking for more info, visit an authorized Kubota dealer or visit www.KubotaUSA.com.

Keith Gribbins is publisher of Compact Equipment.