The Extensive Ranger Product Lineup Has a UTV for Everyone and Every Application

Polaris revolutionized the side-by-side category in 1997 with the introduction of the Ranger 6×6. Initially a single vehicle, the Ranger product lineup has grown into a family of possibilities that offers mid-size, full-size and multi-passenger layouts as well as gas, diesel or electric options. Ranger is an integral component of Polaris’ off-road vehicle strategy and has earned the title of the industry’s best-selling utility side-by-side, according to the company.

The Ranger family currently consists of 17 models, seven of which are specifically highlighted as commercial vehicles. Rangers are designed to work, whether that be transporting people or hauling goods. They are ideal for commercial jobsites across the board, from construction sites to large entertainment events. Rider capacities range from two to six people.

The Ranger 570 is Polaris’ most popular commercial model due to its payload and class-leading power. Its ProStar 570 engine was specifically designed to achieve outstanding fuel efficiency, high power density and easy maintenance. With 1,500 lbs of towing capacity and 1,000 lbs of payload capacity, the Ranger 570 can handle even the toughest jobs with ease, says Polaris. More than 100 accessories are offered, including plow systems, full cabs and lighting and bed accessories. The Ranger 570 allows customers to create a personalized
vehicle to suit their needs.

The Ranger 500 4×2, which offers the industry’s best utility side-by-side value, according to Polaris, is also a popular model. Its automatic CVT transmission, independent rear suspensions (IRS), on-demand true all-wheel drive (AWD) with VersaTrac turf mode and electronic fuel injection (EFI) make the vehicle stand out in usability. With a single-cylinder ProStar 500 engine, the Ranger 500 has a smooth torque and 32 hp. Windshields, backup alarms, horns and beacon lights are always recommended for safety purposes. To secure and protect goods, Polaris manufactures many bed accessories such as bed extenders and tool racks. In certain geographies, Polaris recommends a full cab and HVAC to keep users comfortable and safe on the worksite.

Advice to Buyers

“Keep the vehicle’s intended application at the forefront of your mind when making your purchasing decision,” says Brandon Flaata, marketing communications specialist for Polaris. “Always consider vehicle capacities, ease of serviceability, accessory offerings and safety features. One of the many models in the industry is likely to fit your specific preferences and needs.”

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