Caterpillar Utility Vehicles Summarized — 2018 Spec Guide

Four Models from the Construction Equipment Leader

Caterpillar embarked on the utility vehicle journey while working with Textron as the manufacturer. The two companies co-designed the Cat utility vehicle from scratch. Engineers put tens of thousands of hours into testing and designing the machine until it reached Caterpillar standards. The CUV product line was built with a getting-the-job-done mentality and is intended to be used for work applications.

Caterpillar will be offering four models in its utility vehicle product line. Currently available is a two-seat gas (CUV82) and diesel (CUV102D) model. The five-seat gas (CUV85) and diesel (CUV105D) model will be available late 2018. The gas models run the same 50-hp, three-cylinder Chery engine while the diesel models use the same 25-hp, three-cylinder Kohler engine. These engines boast near identical high-performance capabilities, which allow an operator to choose the model they want based off their desired seating capacity and fuel type.

The CUV product line is offered with the intent to give an operator everything they need to work efficiently and effectively. Every model has electric power steering, engine brake, four-wheel drive, locking differential and a very durable solid-steel cargo bed, all as standard equipment. These vehicles also come with front and rear independent dual A-Arm suspension so if the jobsite is rugged, the ride will still be smooth. This brand-new product from Caterpillar caters to work applications, long hours, and most importantly, safety. Safety is important while customers work this machine hard on a jobsite and when the customer takes the machine out for some weekend fun. Every gas model includes knee doors, three-point seat belts, certified steel tube ROPS, and a display system that includes advanced diagnostics. Using the gas models’ display system, a top speed can be set and locked using the protective password so owners can set exactly how fast they want their machines traveling.

Cat says its UTVs are built for quiet and comfortable operation all day long. The design minimizes noise and vibration during operation for a quieter ride. The units comfortably seat two riders side-by-side with ample leg, elbow and headroom for tall riders. Driver and passenger seats are both sewn for comfort as well as durability, plus the driver’s seat position and steering wheel adjust to ensure a comfortable fit. Ample behind-the-seat storage and document holder provide space for personal items and gear. The passenger seat base can be removed and stowed behind the driver seat to create floor space for hauling oversized items.

Electric power steering provides superior handling and tight turning capabilities, says the company. The instrument gauge offers easy viewing of critical operating information such as ground speed, engine speed, operating hours, odometer, battery voltage, engine temperature and fuel level.

Advice to Buyers

“Do your research, know what application your machine will be used for and think of the long run,” says Norma Aldinger, UTV marketing manager. “These utility vehicles will last a long time and get a lot of work done if used the right way and the necessary maintenance is done.”
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