CE Awards 2017: Ariens’ RapidTrak Sno-Thro and Miller’s XMT 350 FieldPro with ArcReach

innovative iron awardsThe Coolest and Most Creative Compact Equipment of the Year

Exploration is the engine that drives innovation, so let’s go exploring. Let’s search through a year’s worth of creative ideas in the off-highway equipment industry and see if we can benchmark the innovative exploration of the American machine market. Over the last 12 months, global manufactures from Case to Kubota have released compact machines that have set new standards for power, versatility, efficiency and design. Our editors have traveled across the country to meet these manufacturers, operate their new products and give detailed reports and opinions both in print and on our website (compactequip.com). We sifted through the hundreds of models and brands released in 2017 and picked 25 units that set the new bar for innovation. With this article, we salute those companies that have changed the commercial equipment market over the last year with their unique, interesting and innovative machines, engines and technologies.

Keith Gribbins is associate publisher of Compact Equipment.

Added Reach: Miller’s XMT 350 FieldPro with ArcReach


Every year, outdated welding equipment wastes hundreds of productive work hours by forcing operators to make numerous walks from the weld joint to the welder. Miller’s XMT 350 FieldPro welding systems with ArcReach technology let operators adjust welding parameters right at the weld joint without a control cord using the wire feeder or remote, maximizing arc-on time, improving safety and impacting the bottom line. Enhanced ArcReach technology on the XMT 350 FieldPro delivers two new industry-exclusive technologies: Cable Length Compensation (CLC) and Adjust While Welding (AWW). CLC technology makes proper setup of welding parameters faster and easier by automatically compensating for voltage drops in the weld cable. AWW technology allows for precise adjustments and parameter changes at the wire feeder or remote without stopping the arc. For more info, visit millerwelds.com.

All-Terrain: Ariens’ RapidTrak Sno-Thro


Ariens just introduced RapidTrak Sno-Thro technology, an innovative system designed to combine the best of both wheeled and track snow throwers. The RapidTrak system is designed to move fast, matching the speed of wheeled Sno-Thro models. The track design gives users the option of using a full track system for ultimate grip and traction or adjusting the back wheel of the track up, creating a faster, more maneuverable system. In the wheel setting, it is easy to turn the RapidTrak machine around obstacles. RapidTrak also includes a third setting, which allows the user to tilt the housing of the machine down towards the ground while in track mode, helping to dig into the snow and clean to the pavement. Track adjustments? A trigger on the right handlebar allows the user to easily adjust any setting on the go. For more info, visit ariens.com.

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