ARGO Announces Commercial Market Focus + Giant Sasquatch Xtreme Terrain Vehicle

ARGO, the manufacturer of ATVs, SxSs, UGVs and a leader for amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicles (XTVs), recently announced its commitment to servicing the off-road commercial market in many big ways. In the years leading up to this announcement, ARGO has been in development of many exciting products that are to be built out of its North American factory. The launch of the all-new Sasquatch is a first of many new releases that are positioned to give the off-road commercial market what they’ve been missing.

In addition to new products, ARGO is continuing to develop their commercial specific division incorporating industry veterans and improvements in their North American facilities. In recent weeks, the ARGO community and industry enthusiasts have closely followed weekly “sightings” of the all-new North American built amphibious XTV, the ARGO Sasquatch XTX.

Positioned as a true testament to ARGO’s commitment to the off-road commercial market. The Sasquatch enters the global market of premiere earth crawlers touting the latest in off-road technological advancements and interior comforts. With ARGO’s release of the 6th and final Sasquatch “sighting” earlier this week, the excitement continues to build as this allegorical wonder continues to take shape.

Digging in to further the established presence and manage the exponential growth within the offroad commercial segment, two new members have been brought on board to navigate the large-scale effort to maintain and develop ARGO’s stronghold of commercial accounts. These credible, passionate and essential veterans are Joe Klosterman and Jim Mason. With a combined knowledge of over 60 years of offroad and industry related experience in dealer development, customer retention, competitive insight and sales network rationalization, Joe and Jim’s appointment to western and eastern regional sales managers come at an opportune time to assist with the development and implementation of an all-new lineup of commercial vehicles.

Excited by recent events that have transpired, President and CEO Brad Darling went on to say, “The commercial market has always been a constant in ARGO’s history and in recent years, our world-class research and development team of engineers have made great strides showing augmented growth that caters to the commercial market. We are very proud to announce the release of the all-new Sasquatch along with growing our commercial sales team. I can assure you this is only the start to our continued journey with commercial products and services.”

With a strong appetite for increasing their existing market share within the offroad commercial market, ARGO continues to be a driving force and plans to expand their professional channel of commercial dealers and products, showing the world what it means to Know No Boundaries.

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