Boxer Compact Tool Carriers — 2016 Spec Guide

The 300, 500 and 900 Series of Compact Utility Loaders

Boxer compact tool carriers have been manufactured by Morbark since the company acquired the product line from Mertz Mfg. at the end of 2012. The Boxer product line complements Morbark’s long-standing offerings in the tree care and rental markets. Boxer Equipment has four models to suit contractor needs: the 320, 322D, 525DX and 950HD “compact utility loaders,” each built to handle a full complement of more than 50 universal attachments. Boxer also offers the X7 brush chipper and the 120 dedicated trencher.

Boxer Equipment develops a wide range of lightweight yet heavy-duty machines that generate an impressive amount of hydraulic power to lift more, move more and dig faster than any other product on the market, says the company.

The Boxer compact utility loader is an innovative machine that reduces the costs of performing key tasks and the process of improving the environments in which people live and work. Developed to replace hand labor, the Boxer allows operators to complete jobs quickly, efficiently and safely, providing a cost-effective, terrain-friendly solution for landscapers, irrigation contractors, plumbers, electricians and property owners as they dig, trench, till, auger, demo, place materials and perform a multitude of other tasks. The Boxer’s standard quick-attach system enables the user to quickly and easily switch from a bucket to forks to auger or other tools for optimum on-the-job flexibility and bottom-line performance.

Why walk when you can ride? All Boxer compact utility loaders, from the 320 to the 950HD, include a spring-cushioned ride-on platform, which provides improved ergonomics and attachment visibility for safer, more comfortable operation with less fatigue. All Boxer units also boast an integrated, push-button machine pressure relief block to reduce residual pressure on the machine to allow easier attachment of hydraulic-powered attachments. The Boxer 525DX is the only compact utility loader on the market to offer a hydraulically expandable undercarriage to narrow the machine to fit through a 36-in. gate or expand it for greater stability.

The Boxer 950HD features the industry’s highest hinge pin height, allowing it to easily dump over a 6-ft side wall, as well as several class-leading and advanced features previously found only on full-size skid steers.

Advice to Buyers

“Whether you call it a compact tool carrier, compact utility loader or mini-skid steer, these machines are quickly growing into a tool contractors cannot work without,” says Jason Showers, Boxer product manager. “Their ability to access hard to reach areas, have minimal ground disturbance and expand capabilities make a compact utility loader a viable option for industry professionals. These machines are designed to perform tasks previously accomplished using hand labor and feature an array of attachments mirroring the larger full-size skid steer and track loader counterparts — only in a smaller package.”
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