SDLG Compact Wheel Loaders Summarized — 2018 Spec Guide

A Compact Wheel Loader Designed to Tackle a Variety of Tasks

SDLG is one of the world’s top sellers of wheel loaders. The brand was introduced to North America in 2013, having proven itself in many other international markets. The company has been a subsidiary of Volvo Construction Equipment since 2007. Today, SDLG offers four wheel loader models in North America: the L198F, L938F, L948F and the soon-to-be-released L959F, all of which are Tier 4 Final machines. The brand has seen significant growth, as its North American dealer network has grown to 35 dealers that account for more than 200 branch locations. SDLG has also invested in its machine and parts distribution facilities to great effect.

SDLG says its products attract customers who are looking for new machines that are reliable, simple and have a more competitive price point than premium, features-led equipment. The company says its wheel loaders have become popular for a number of tasks in North America, including snow removal, roadwork, auto salvage and much more.

SDLG currently has four models available in North America, including the L918F compact wheel loader, which debuted at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2017 in Las Vegas. The move to expand the company’s product range is a direct result of its successful North American launch.

The L918F features a 1-cu-yd bucket capacity mounted to a skid steer-style coupler, placing it in the compact loader category but with the versatility of skid steer-style attachments. In addition, the unit has an optional 2-cu-yd light material skid steer bucket for applications such as snow removal or mulch yards. The machine is priced competitively with large skid steer loaders, and as it provides similar bucket capacities, the L918F is ideal for skid steer owners looking to upsize into a compact loader that has higher ground speeds and better operator comfort.

Like other SDLG loaders, the L918F is ideal for applications that are seasonal or don’t require lots of operating hours. The machine is also perfect for owners that can find value in a reliable, low-cost loader backed by a 12-month, 2,000-hour warranty, with extended warranties available. The L918F is an ideal yard machine for many utility contractors, and the machine excels at municipal work such as snow removal and moving gravel. Several municipalities in North America, including the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the Canadian province of Saskatchewan, have already adopted SDLG wheel loaders for roadwork, snow removal and a host of other applications that will resonate with utility contractors. The L918F is poised to gain similar popularity, especially given its compact size and maneuverability.

Advice to Buyers

“Any buyer in the market for a compact wheel loader will be on the lookout for a reliable, cost-effective machine that can handle utility work,” says Nick Tullo, sales manager for SDLG North America. “But customers need to know exactly what couplers are available to them when choosing a compact loader. Choosing the right coupler will enable the end-user to select the right attachment for the right application.”

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