Caterpillar Compact Wheel Loaders Summarized — 2017 Spec Guide

Cat Wheel Loader

Seven Models from the World Equipment Titan

Manufacturing of Caterpillar compact wheel loaders began with the introduction of the 910 model wheel loader in 1979 in Japan. Today, there are nine compact wheel loader models manufactured by Caterpillar, with seven of those models offered in North America. The majority of these models (excluding the 903C2) are on the M-Series, and all models meet the U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions requirements. Technology advancements have been the biggest change on these models. Items such as electro-hydraulic controls, which allow the operator to fine tune the responsiveness of the machine, have made these machines more productive and efficient than ever before, says Cat.

The seven models currently offered in North America include the 903C2, 906M, 907M, 908M, 910M, 914M and the new 918M, which was introduced in 2016. The 42-hp 903C2 weighs close to 9,500 lbs and is a great machine for landscaping, fertilizer and agricultural applications. The 74-hp 906M, 907M and 908M size class represents the majority of the compact wheel loader industry and are one of the most popular machines in Germany due to their travel speed, versatility and low owning and operating cost. With options such as high speed, high flow and ground speed control (creep control), these machines can do just about anything.

The 100-hp 910M and 914M along with the new 115-hp 918M are the newest models in the Cat compact wheel loader lineup. With features such as high lift (910M/914M), high flow (914M/918M), rearview camera and auto engine idle shutdown, these models are not only versatile but safe and fuel efficient as well. The 918M also includes rotary sensors on the linkage pins, which provides in cab programmable kickouts for your tilt and lift functions as well as industry exclusive cylinder dampening. Having these items are just more ways that Caterpillar is trying to make operating the machine easier for the operator as well as save money for the owner, which in many cases is the same person on these size loaders.

Advice to Buyers

“Correctly sizing your wheel loader based on your application is critical to avoid purchasing too big or too small of a machine,” says BJ Meier, Cat wheel loader product specialist. “You must take into account lift capacity and lift height requirements, auxiliary flow requirements if using a hydro-mechanical attachment and size constraints when choosing the best wheel loader for your application.”

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