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Mahindra utility vehicle

Thirteen Models in the mPACT XTV Utility Vehicle Lineup

Mahindra North America launched the American-made mPact XTV utility vehicle line in April 2015. This line included six models across three styles and now has expanded to a second-generation line of 13 models. According to the company, the XTVs have class-leading comfort, ground clearance, towing and cargo capacity, and they come standard with a three-year limited power train warranty.

The company’s mPACT XTV lineup consists of 13 models across three styles in both gas and diesel powertrains. The standard (or S) models are traditional single-row units providing true three-person seating. S models are also offered in camo, utilizing RealTree AP or Flexhauler, providing an industry-exclusive cargo box that folds down on all sides with a standard electric cargo dump.

Crew (or C) models offer seating with up to six passengers in red or camo colorways. Longbed (or L) models are a true differentiator in the category, supplying versatility in a cargo box with up to 34 cu ft of volume. All of the above models include numerous standard features such as front and rear receiver hitches and 14-in. aluminum wheels on 27-in. tires which add built-in value. All of these features apply additional cost as options with competitive models but come standard with Mahindra.

The Base (or B) model provides a gas utility vehicle at a more economical price without sacrificing the same work capabilities of other XTV models. According to Mahindra, its XTVs, excluding crew models, have best-in-class hauling at 1,200 lbs and towing at 2,100 lbs. The XTV offers up to 25 percent more leg room and entry space than the competition, says Mahindra. The company also provides customization with more than 50 accessories to choose from including windshields, roofs, cabs and much more.

Advice to Buyers

“It is important for customers to know exactly what they want to use their utility vehicle for and make sure they are shopping applicable models accordingly,” says Kurt Reece, assistant brand manager for utility vehicles at Mahindra. “Look for UTVs that are built to get your work done on your farm or property with more leg room, space and operator comfort. Whether you are traversing through tough terrain, hauling materials, carrying people from point A to B or handling large cargo loads, find a UTV that works for you.”

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