Kubota Utility Vehicles — 2015 Spec Guide

The Best-Selling Diesel Utility Vehicles in North America

In 1974, Kubota Tractor Corp. launched the first 12-hp, four-wheel-drive compact tractor in the United States. Since 2004, Kubota RTVs have been the best-selling diesel utility vehicle in North America, according to Power Products Marketing’s North American Utility Vehicle Report. The Kubota RTV X-Series, introduced in late 2013, is the next generation lineup of diesel work utility vehicles.

Kubota’s RTV X-Series lineup includes: the RTV-X900, a comfortable and versatile model for a wide variety of jobs; the RTV-X1120D, a deluxe model that steps up in power and amenities; and the RTV-X1100C, which offers a best-in-class factory-installed, fully-enclosed unibody cab with a powerful heating and air conditioning system, says Kubota. The muscle in the machine is fueled by Kubota-built diesel engines and variable hydraulic transmissions (VHT-X).

The RTV-X900 is equipped with a 21.6-hp diesel engine, standard four-wheel drive and standard hydraulic power steering for control. The two-speed in-line shift allows the operator to maintain better control and shift less often, with two forward speeds — high and low — as well as neutral and reverse. The steel-structured frame insulates the operator from outside noise and vibrations, and front and rear independent suspension offers a smoother ride even on rough terrain. With standard 2-in. hitch receivers at the front and back, the X900 has a 1,300-lb towing capacity. The heavy-duty, hydraulic-lift steel

cargo dumping box can carry up to a half ton (1,102 lbs) and comes with a factory-option, spray-on bed liner.
From its 24.8-hp diesel engine and higher ground speed of up to 29 mph to its blue-tinted halogen headlights and attention-grabbing polished alloy wheels, the RTV-X1120D is Kubota’s new deluxe model that offers a step up in power, comfort and style. The responsive hydrostatic power steering offers more personalized comfort with a tilt-feature.

Completing the lineup is the all-weather RTV-X1100C, offering a factory-installed, fully-enclosed unibody cab that features a heating and air conditioning system. The X1100C is also pre-wired with an antenna and two speakers for installation of an optional radio. Engineered for safety, the X1100C cab, as well as all other RTV X-Series models, meets SAE J2194 and OSHA 1928 ROPS standards. These UTVs are available in classic Kubota Orange or Realtree AP Camo.

Advice to Buyers

“Many UTV operators switch from carrying materials to carrying personnel, and it’s important to consider the safety aspects of both uses when buying,” says Eric Goins, Kubota’s RTV product manager.  “Insist that older, used equipment has seatbelts and Rollover Protection Structures [ROPS]. With new purchases, consider models with a fully enclosed cab that will keep arms and legs inside the cab while traveling through uneven terrain. When it comes to hauling, buyers should look carefully at payload capacity. When carrying materials, the weight of passengers must be included when calculating the total weight — an important consideration if operators will often simultaneously carry materials and passengers.”


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