GIE+EXPO: Kohler KDW1003 Engines Power Polaris RANGERs

For the 2015 model year, Kohler's KDW1003 engines will power the Polaris RANGER and RANGER CREW diesel UTVs.

Polaris beefed up its GIE+EXPO display for 2014 and show attendees were able to get a closer look at the RANGER and RANGER CREW diesels powered by the Kohler KDW1003 engine.

The 3-cyclinder diesel engine will be standard on the aforementioned Polaris products for 2015. The RANGER CREW is also on display at the Polaris Garage at GIE+EXPO.

“We’re excited to partner with Polaris on the rollout of their new diesel utility vehicles,” said Jeff Wilke, product manager for Kohler Engines. “Our KDW1003 is ideally suited for this type of application due to its overhead cam that was designed with automotive characteristics, as well as an advanced fuel-injection system that delivers smooth, quiet power and enhanced fuel efficiency of a diesel engine. Plus, we’re able to provide a high output 110 amp alternator to drive more accessories, which will be a key feature for users.”

The liquid-cooled KDW1003 engine meets all EPA Tier 4 final, CARB, and EURO emissions standards due to its indirect fuel-injection system and high-efficiency combustion. The engine’s belt-driven, overhead camshaft enables the engine to run at higher speeds, up to 4200 rpm if needed, and low-turbulence, pre-combustion chambers provide quiet operation. Its low cylinder volume and superior balance produce smooth operation. The KDW1003 offers a robust 110 amps of alternator output to power a wide variety of accessories on the Polaris RANGERs, including lights, heaters, audio systems and more.

The KDW1003’s overhead cam, a low-profile head design with integrated injectors, makes it a compact package, which is ideal for off-road vehicles as well as many other applications, including: amphibious vehicles, trench rollers, asphalt rollers, light towers, pressure washers, pumps, wood chippers/shredders. The engine’s heavy-duty, cast-iron crankcase is extremely durable and ideal for rugged conditions. Multiple power takeoff options provide maximum power and flexibility.

“Our designers were attracted to a number of options offered on the Kohler diesel,” said Steve Schiebel, product manager for Polaris RANGER. “The low-profile overhead cam design offered a lot of design freedom and flexibility. In addition, we didn’t have to sacrifice power and performance for fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The Kohler engine provided the best overall solution for integration and Tier 4 requirements for the new Model Year 2015 RANGER Diesel models.”

For more information, visit or call 1-800-544-2444. To learn more about the RANGER Diesel and RANGER CREW Diesel from Polaris, visit

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