Kohler Donates 570 Engines to Schools Across America

In an effort to ignite students’ interest in future careers as engineers and service technicians, Kohler Engines recently donated 570 engines to more than 34 educational institutions and organizations throughout the Midwest. The gas and diesel engines will be used for student coursework at high schools, technical schools and universities, as well as other community groups in agricultural or mechanical fields. The donations are valued at more than $40,000. Kohler’s donations included both gas and diesel engines ranging from 6.5 to 23.4 hp. They are being used to give students critical, hands-on experience while enhancing their knowledge of small engines, including assembly and disassembly, components, torque values, engineering processes, the general functioning of combustion engines and more. One benefactor of Kohler’s engine donation program, Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wis., received 46 engines this year for hands-on experience.

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