The TS80 Is a Tough, Powerful and Reliable Loader

Takeuchi continues to manufacture and service compact construction equipment, including track loaders, wheel loaders, excavators and skid steer loaders. Takeuchi offers the TS80 skid steer loader in both radial- and vertical-lift configurations. The TS80 provides a blend of power, performance, durability and operator comfort. The Takeuchi skid steer touts ground clearance, angle of departure, high travel speeds, tractive effort and digging forces for greater productivity.

The TS80 offers a load-sensing, pilot-controlled drive system that helps keep the machine operating at maximum efficiency, while the available two-speed option provides an 11-mph maximum travel speed to improve productivity. The TS80R2 has an operating capacity of 2,825 lbs with a bucket breakout force of 5,845 lbs and tip load of 5,650 lbs. The TS80V2 has an operating capacity of 3,500 lbs, bucket breakout force of 5,920 lbs and tip load of 7,000 lbs. Both units come equipped with a 74-hp engine meeting all Tier 4 Final requirements, making them a class leader in performance, says the company.

The Takeuchi TS80 also provides a spacious operator’s station that allows the operator to spend many hours in the field while reducing fatigue. A multi-informational monitor displays the machine’s vitals and provides greater functionality. In addition to the pressure-relieving, quick-connect coupler block, a 14-pin connector is now standard equipment and delivers additional functions. Low effort, pilot-controlled joysticks are precise, responsive and easy to operate, says the company. The TS80 features an electronic dial throttle which allows operators to set or change the engine speed quickly and easily. Standard safety features provide additional value and include front and rear halogen work lights, large skylight, rearview mirror, backup alarm and a non-skid safety step.

A pressurized cab is available to keep dirt and other debris outside while creating a comfortable working environment inside. A 12-volt power port is provided to keep your cell phone or accessories fully charged, and an optional AM/FM/MP3/weather band radio is available to help keep track of everything that’s happening in the world. Currently, Takeuchi offers multipurpose buckets, dozer blades, 4-in-1 buckets, cold planers, trenchers and a few different grapple buckets through the factory. The TS80 features a new overhead display with increased functionality that allows the operator to monitor the machine’s vitals and maintenance needs. Takeuchi skid steers are offered in full pilot joystick controls that are low effort and precise.

Advice to Buyers

“One consideration when purchasing this type of equipment should be build quality,” notes Lee Padgett, product manager with Takeuchi-US. “Better build quality equals less maintenance and downtime, which increases productivity.”

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