Product Toolbox: Dig Through this Maintenance and Upkeep Showcase (Uptime Kits to Reman Programs)

Kubota RTV Series Filter KitKubota RTV Series Filter Kit

Kubota’s heavy-duty, high-performance RTV Series utility vehicles give you the power and durability to tackle the toughest tasks on a variety of terrain. Kubota’s RTV filter kits include all the appropriate parts to make routine maintenance convenient for RTV owners. These kits provide all the filters needed for a total service on the RTV, including an engine oil filter, suction filter, HST filter and air filter. Custom kits are available for the Kubota RTV500, RTV900 and RTV1100 models. Contact your local Kubota dealer for details and to order the right Kubota RTV filter kit to fit your needs. For more info, visit

Ditch Witch Orange Armor Uptime KitsDitch Witch Orange Armor Uptime Kits

Designed to help equipment users eliminate downtime, increase productivity and preserve equipment value, the Ditch Witch Orange Armor Uptime maintenance kits make scheduled maintenance easier, more convenient and offer a 5 to 15 percent savings versus buying the parts individually. Each kit contains air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters, spark plugs or other parts needed for scheduled maintenance specified for each machine. The larger kits also include basic wear parts and are shipped in lockable, reusable storage trunks. The kits are available for Ditch Witch walk-behind trenchers, riding trenchers, vibratory plows, mini skid steers and lots more. For more info, visit

Engine Experts: Perkins and Kubota Engines Offer More than Just Diesel Power Plants

Perkins Diesel Engine Oil Perkins Diesel Engine Oil

Perkins Diesel Engine Oil (DEO) is the only oil formulated specifically for the long operating life and performance of Perkins engines. Recommended for use in Perkins’ U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final and below engines, it is comprised of a mix of additives designed specifically to prevent the buildup of conditions which can impair the oil performance, reduce operating life and potentially damage engine components. It comes in 20- and 208-liter quantities and is available through the Perkins network of distributors. Perkins DEO ULS API CK-4 includes a combination of 12 beneficial additives, such as viscosity stabilizers to ensure a long and stable operating life and dispersants and detergents to prevent the buildup of sludge and ash. For more info, visit

Kubota Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Program Kubota Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Program

The world’s most reliable engine manufacturer recently launched a cleaning program to ensure each diesel particulate filter, or DPF, in its diesel engines meets full certification standards. The new program by Kubota is available in the United States and Canada and guarantees certified clean DPFs by the original engine manufacturer. The complete, no-hassle program is available via two methods. The Clean DPF Exchange Kit minimizes downtime for end-users, while the Clean and Return option is best for planned downtime. Both methods allow end-users to avoid unscheduled issues and increase DPF life cycles before too much ash builds up and collects in the filter, restricting exhaust gas flow and increasing back pressure. For more info, visit

Toro Maintenance Filter Kits Toro Maintenance Filter Kits

Toro now offers 50- and 200-hour filter kits for a number of Toro product families, including the Toro Dingo TX line of compact utility loaders, TRX walk-behind trenchers and STX stump grinders. Toro filter kits contain the proper air and oil filters needed to ensure the longevity of Toro equipment. The following items are included in each kit: Dingo TX 50-hour kit: air filter and engine oil filter; Dingo TX 200-hour kit (Dingo TX 427 only): air filter and hydraulic oil filter; Dingo TX 200-hour kit: element fuel spin-on, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, engine oil filter and filter-inline; TRX and STX 50-hour kit: air filter and engine oil filter; and TRX and STX 200-hour kit: in-tank hydraulic filter, air filter, fuel filter and engine oil filter. For more info, visit

Camso SprocketsCamso Sprockets

Camso is now offering its own line of sprockets for compact track loaders to help fleet managers improve their maintenance practices and extend track life to lower their operating costs. Engineered to perfectly match Camso tracks, Camso sprockets are built tough in order to optimize track life and provide the lowest operating cost solution. Competitively priced, Camso-branded compact track loader sprockets feature OEM-grade hardening with quality and precision. Camso sprockets are available for most track loader makes and models and are warranted for 1,100 hours. Superficially, sprockets all look the same, but there are differences below the surface. Most sprockets are fabricated in cast steel with case hardening, while Camso compact track loader sprockets feature OEM-grade hardening. For more info, visit

Case Tutela Powershift HD Transmission Fluid Case Tutela Powershift HD Transmission Fluid

Case provides Tutela Powershift HD all-makes powershift transmission fluid through its dealer network to allow Case dealers to better service mixed fleet customers. Tutela Powershift HD is recommended for use in heavy-duty powershift transmissions and final drives of today’s construction and mining equipment. It’s designed for all makes of equipment and is engineered to deliver balanced friction performance to transmissions, clutches and wet-brakes, while protecting axles, final drives and other drivetrain components. The transmission fluid is available in two viscosity grades — SAE 10 and SAE 30 — in both 5- and 55-gal sizes to meet various operating needs. For more info, visit

JCB Reman ProgramJCB Reman Program

JCB North America’s Reman Program gives customers the ability to purchase genuine JCB remanufactured parts with the same quality and warranty as new parts — but at a fraction of the cost. JCB’s remanufacturing process disassembles the eligible component into individual parts. Then, using state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and inspection techniques, it’s fully restored and reassembled. This brings the part back to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) standards. Buying remanufactured parts instead of new helps to reduce ownership and operating costs while improving resale and maintenance values, ensuring the JCB machine remains an attractive investment. For more info, visit

Bobcat M-Series Loader Maintenance KitsBobcat M-Series Loader Maintenance Kits

Performing regular maintenance can greatly improve the value of compact equipment over time. To better assist customers and protect their equipment investment, Bobcat Co. offers Maintenance Kits for its entire M-Series skid steer and compact track loader line. Each kit includes quality air, fuel, oil and hydraulic filters, which help reduce contaminants that can enter internal components within the machine. Following the included service schedule for engine filter, oil filter and hydraulic filter changes helps prevent downtime and increase the machine’s long-term durability and performance. Additionally, all kits are packaged with Bobcat-recommended OEM replacement components. For more info, visit

Boxer Maintenance Kits Boxer Maintenance Kits

Morbark, the manufacturer of Boxer equipment, offers maintenance kits for current and legacy Boxer mini skid steers. Machine maintenance kits include a service reminder decal, synthetic blend replacement engine oil (10W30 oil for gas-powered machines and 15W40 oil for diesel machines), engine oil filter, fuel filter, air filter and hydraulic filter for gas and diesel engines. A mid-wheel maintenance kit and an idler wheel maintenance kit also are available, containing the parts to rebuild a mid-wheel or idler wheels. All kits are packaged with Boxer-recommended OEM replacement components. The kits are designed to save about 10 percent versus purchasing parts individually. For more info, visit

Hyundai Lubricants Hyundai Lubricants

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas offers Hyundai-branded lubricants, blended from U.S.-refined, high-quality base oils with a proprietary additive system. Hyundai lubricants provide maximum protection and performance in all operating conditions. When paired with Hyundai original equipment filters, Hyundai lubricants fulfill the requirements for regularly scheduled maintenance intervals (250, 500, 750 and 1,000 hour) on all Hyundai construction equipment models. Lubricants are among the products available for immediate shipment from Hyundai to its North American dealer network, which includes more than 170 authorized dealer locations in the United States and Canada. For more info, visit

The Yanmar Maintenance KitThe Yanmar Maintenance Kit

With expertly designed choices, the Yanmar Maintenance Kit is the best way to keep your construction or agricultural machines operating in peak condition. Each kit contains everything you’ll need to perform routine, easy maintenance. Every Yanmar Maintenance Kit contains only genuine parts, including filters for oil, air and fuel, as well as Yanmar Engine Oil. It may also contain specialized parts based on the machine model, to ensure the best operation of your Yanmar machine. Yanmar Genuine Parts are certainly worth the money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save while getting the best quality. Buying a maintenance kit saves you more than 10 percent on the price of each individual part. For more info, visit

Claw M Carbide Studs for Rubber TracksClaw M Carbide Studs for Rubber Tracks

Claw M Carbide Stud and Claw attachments are extremely useful in muddy, icy and snowy terrains. Improve the safety of your machine. Attach the studs through your rubber track, and they will never fall or tear out. The patented system is tested thoroughly and ready for heavy-duty wear. Claw M offers six types of stud attachments to suit any terrain and can be attached to any rubber track to enhance traction on paved and unpaved surfaces. Made with solid steel and carbide, these studs can withstand the test of time and will help you to hurdle any obstacle in your way. For more info, visit

Cat Bar-Style Rubber TracksCat Bar-Style Rubber Tracks

Caterpillar offers a bar-style rubber track for all compact track loader models as both a factory option and as a replacement part offering. The bar-style rubber track incorporates steel imbeds and longitudinal steel cords similar to the block-style track. However, the bar-tread rubber track differentiates itself in its ability to minimize ground disturbance, making it ideal for landscapers who perform finish grade work. The bar-style track leaves behind a series of narrow, parallel ridges that are easily knocked down with a rake prior to installing sod or other finishing product. The bar-style tread also offers extra traction when operating in snow, especially when compared to a traditional block-tread pattern. The bar-style track will allow Cat track loader models, both old and new, to be even more versatile. For more info, contact your local cat dealer or visit

Cummins Guidanz mobile appCool Engine Application

The new Cummins Guidanz mobile app is streamlining the service process for Cummins engine customers. The moment a customer plugs in an INLINE mini or INLINE 7 adaptor and opens the Guidanz mobile app, they are able to quickly read prioritized engine fault code information. The customer can email this information directly from the app to their off-site operations manager or service provider in order to initiate the service process, rather than having a service technician come on-site to diagnose the fault code. In addition, the app features a service locator tool, allowing the operator to quickly locate a nearby certified repair center. The customer can also choose to connect directly with Cummins Care to initiate the service process. The Guidanz mobile app is available as a free download now on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. For more info, visit

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