Attachment Showcase: Dig These Innovative Implements for Skid Steers, Excavators and Beyond

KubotaKubota Hydraulic Breaker

Kubota’s compact track loaders stand out from the competition with top-notch performance, comfort, maintenance and unobstructed forward visibility. Powered by efficient Kubota engines, the SVL-Series is Kubota designed, engineered and manufactured to deliver durability and quality. Kubota’s hammer hydraulic breaker attachment greatly enhances the versatility of these powerful and reliable compact track loaders, making them the premier choice for construction demolition. The hammer hydraulic breaker is available on Kubota’s SVL75-2, SVL90-2 and SVL95-2s. For more info, visit

McLaughlinMcLaughlin Boring Attachment

The McLaughlin M-4500 Series of hydraulic boring attachments are capable of producing tunnels up to 4.5 in. in diameter using the dry compaction boring method of drilling. Speeds of 8 ft per minute and distances of 100 ft are possible depending on soil conditions. Powered by the hydraulics of a compact tool carrier or skid steer, the attachment is available in four configurations: M-4500, M-4500SS, M-4500MS and M-4500ME. The original M-4500 is attached to the skid steer bucket with a weld-on bracket, and the boring attachment can be quickly installed and removed with a pin connection. For more info, visit

VacuworxVacuworx Compact Modular Vacuum Lifting System

The CM 3 Compact Modular Vacuum Lifting System takes skid steer attachments to a new level. Easily adaptable to multiple applications and host machines, the CM 3 features rugged all-steel construction to handle materials up to 6,600 lbs. The first vacuum lifting solution of its kind, the patent-pending CM 3 enables skid steers and track loaders to lift concrete slabs, steel plates and pipes with ease. It is a hydraulically driven vacuum pump that operates using the auxiliary hydraulics from the host machine, and it weighs the same as a standard bucket, so there is no change in lift capacity of the host machine. For more info, visit

Vail ProductsVail Products X Series Tree Saws

Vail Products X Series Tree Saws fit all makes and models of compact track and skid steer loaders. Whether you’re a land clearing specialist, adding acreage to your pasture or clearing utility right of ways, the Vail Products X Series family of tree saws is “Xtraordinary,” and it’s the ultimate land clearing attachment. Vail Products X Series tree saws can be configured with the choice of a high-torque or high-speed hydraulic motor along with tooth options to bring the very best performance to meet your requirements. The high-speed, high-efficiency motor turns at 1,200 to 1,900 rpm. For more info, visit

CaseCase 4-in-1 Bucket

The Case Construction Equipment 4-in-1 bucket — perfect for skid steers, track loaders, wheel loaders and backhoe loaders — allows operators to experience the power of four attachments in one. For starters, it functions as a traditional bucket and then adjusts to be a clam, dozer and scraper. The bucket is hydraulically actuated from inside the cab with fingertip controls. It’s available in various widths from 66 to 93 in., with capacities ranging from 14.2 cu ft to 1.2 cu yds. The 4-in-1 bucket is compatible with tooth bars and bolt-on edges and offers optional spill guards that increase bucket capacity. For more info, visit

CaterpillarCat AccuGrade Box Blade

The AccuGrade box blade is designed for Cat compact track, multi-terrain and skid steer loaders for grading and leveling of large commercial properties, housing pads, roadways and parking lots. The 7- and 8-ft models are designed to operate both manually and automatically with the use of laser, GPS or UTS grading systems. The box blade attachment has been developed to integrate with Cat AccuGrade electronic components and can achieve high levels of grading accuracy while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs. For more info, visit

John DeereJohn Deere Root Rakes

The toughest land-clearing and ground-leveling jobs are no match for the new John Deere Root Rakes (RR72, RR78 and RR84), the latest additions to the ever-expanding lineup of Worksite Pro attachments. Optimized to work with John Deere G- and E-Series skid steers and CTLs and K-Series compact wheel loaders, these attachments get the job done quickly and can be more economical over dozer blades. Root rakes are ideal for land clearing, ground leveling and moving materials away from buildings and obstructions. These attachments were designed to easily gather rocks and debris, while allowing soil to sift through. For more info, visit

MeyerMeyer Power Box Plow

Meyer’s versatile new power box plow telescopes from 5 to 8 ft or 8 to 12 ft (depending on model) using in-cab controls. Its patented multipurpose design dramatically increases the functionality and maneuverability of containment plows while keeping the benefits of high-performance power units. Meyer’s power box plow has adjustable left and right hydraulic wings that move to the operator’s desired length, increasing maneuverability and easily clearing narrow areas or open lots and negotiating obstacles. It attaches to skid steers, tractors and compact wheel loaders with a convenient free-floating mount. For more info, visit

LoftnessLoftness Battle Ax

Loftness has introduced the Battle Ax mulching attachment for 7- to 15-ton excavators to its VMLogix line of products. Featuring a new rotor, two-stage cutting chamber and direct-drive variable displacement piston motor, the Battle Ax is designed for highly efficient vegetation management, including right-of-way maintenance, land clearing, forestry applications and more. The Battle Ax is available with 41-, 51- and 61-in. cutting widths. Its 17-in.-diameter rotor features built-in depth gauges, which function similarly to raker teeth on chainsaws to prevent the attachment from engaging too much material at one time. For more info, visit

JCBJCB Hydraulic Breakers

JCB hydraulic breakers are designed to break a wide-range of materials using minimal power for optimal productivity. All combine hydraulic force and recovered energy in the hydraulic system through the use of a highly efficient internal control valve. Energy not absorbed by the rock is reused during the following blow, placing less demand on the carrier. Reused energy requires no additional hydraulic flow from the pump, vastly improving efficiency while saving fuel. All JCB breakers are available with either a moil or chisel tool as standard equipment. For more info, visit

FAEFAE DML/HY Excavator Mulcher

This excavator forestry mulcher fits excavators 6 to 13 metric tons, requires flow of 13 to 34 gpm and a psi range between 2,600 to 3,600. This machine is available in working widths of 39 and 49 in. and comes standard with double Hardox counter blades and E teeth. Available options on this attachment include custom-made attachment plates, hydraulic cylinders for front and rear protection and the possibility of using heavy-duty teeth. This excavator forestry mulcher is also available with a variable torque (VT) hydraulic motor for higher production. Both models (standard and VT) use FAE’s patented rotor system. For more info, visit

SnowExSnowEx V-Pro 2000 Spreader

The SnowEx V-Pro 2000 bulk spreader is specifically designed to accommodate the bed dimensions of most UTVs. The V-Pro 2000 easily addresses applications where only a UTV can go, such as sidewalks, bike paths and driveways. The V-Pro 2000 has a multi-angled hopper, which can carry 11 cu ft (880 lbs) of salt or sand/salt mixture and is designed for efficient material movement. This design creates a natural material vortex for maximum flow from the top of the hopper to the auger, helping prevent bridging and clogging. Its polyethylene construction contains numerous advantages over traditional steel-built V-boxes. For more info, visit

Quality Wood and MetalQuality Wood and Metal Designs Mul-T-Rex

In the spirit that built Quality Wood and Metal Designs of Mitchell, S.D., the Mul-T-Rex was born. While working on jobsites, the company noticed workers switching out attachments on their skid steer multiple times just to pull out a stump and the fact that each attachment alone was limited. The Multi-Tool of attachments was born. Incorporating jaws, spade, rotating action and optional hydraulic attachments like breakers or saws, those equipment changes are gone. This product is perfect for landscaping, concrete work, junk yards and just around the house. It grabs! It stabs! It breaks! It shakes! For more info, visit

Attachments InternationalAttachments International Demolition Mining Bucket

Attachments International’s Demolition Mining Bucket is a severe service attachment that is constructed of AR armor wear plates and Hardox 400 abrasive proof steel. The open tine design allows all dirt and debris to fall through. This bucket will increase your productivity 40 to 50 percent for demolition mining. The picture shows the optional extreme service grapple, cylinder cover and tiger jaws. Attachments International has been in business since 1983, providing the military, construction and agricultural industries with high-quality and superior strength attachments. For more info, visit

JLGJLG Material Bucket

The JLG material bucket telehandler attachment can scoop and carry loose material and debris like gravel or dirt. The material bucket can also be used for cleanup around the jobsite. JLG material buckets are available in different widths and capacities for various jobsite requirements. Part no. 1001102324 — compatible with the JLG G5-18A super compact telehandler equipped with a quick-coupler — offers 73 in. of bucket width, 1 cu yd of capacity and weighs approximately 710 lbs. Just remember: JLG material buckets are not designed for digging. For more info, visit

Atlas CopcoAtlas Copco Combi Cutter Hydraulic Attachments

Atlas Copco’s CC Combi Cutter hydraulic attachments maximize carrier versatility and operator productivity for demolition and recycling applications. To maximize operator productivity, the attachments get their crushing forces from two powerful hydraulic cylinders, which deliver constant closing forces to the material and short open-close cycle times — as little as 1.6 seconds. Atlas Copco designed the Combi Cutters for easy handling in addition to powerful closing forces. The Combi Cutter product line fits a wide range of carrier weight classes, from 2.5 to 94 tons. For more info, visit

SteinerSteiner Rough Cut Mower

The Steiner rough cut mower attachment clears thick, overgrown brush and grass with ease. This new durable tool is designed to evenly cut through tall grass and heavy brush up to 1.5 in. in diameter and provides good performance for clearing undergrowth in woody areas. Attach it to the all-new Steiner 450 tractor, and you’ll have the ultimate mower. The Steiner 450 is more than a tractor with its hydraulics, wide stance, articulating/oscillating frame, new hydraulic weight transfer and a powerful engine. The rough cut mower is just one of 20-plus available attachments for this incredible machine. For more info, visit

Yanmar AmericaYanmar America Front Hitch Kit

Yanmar America now offers a front hitch kit and matching attachments for the recently introduced model YT235 tractor now in-stock at Yanmar dealers. The front hitch for YT235 tractors allows you to attach a front snow blower, hydraulic-turn snow blade or a rotary broom (available fall 2017). The front hitch has hydraulic lift and a connection to the tractor’s mid-PTO as standard equipment. A hydraulic angle kit for operation of a blade or broom is an option. The front-mounted snow blower on the model YT235 is an ideal solution for the customer that is not satisfied with a rear-mount snow blower. For more info, visit

DanuserDanuser T3 Driver for T-Posts

The T3 Driver is a small post driver that delivers big time results. The T3 drives T-posts up to 3-in. O.D. pipe at up to six strikes per second. Simple plug-and-play operation with no setup and light weight make the T3 ideal for the farmer, rancher, fencing professional and rental fleet. New manifold handles up to 30 gpm, and stronger housing and bolts prevent downtime. Use a tractor, skid steer, mini ex, loader or backhoe to carry the weight of the driver, and there are lots of mount options available for the T3, including a bolt-on/weld-on bracket to place the T3 on your bucket, boom or custom-built mount. For more info, visit

Compact Tool Carrier Attachments for Specialty Applications

By Josh Beddow, Marketing Manager at The Toro Co.

sidebar1It can be said that a compact tool carrier, or CTC, is only as good as its attachments. Toro, among other manufacturers, offers numerous attachment options to increase the versatility of a compact tool carrier. Every contractor has heard of bucket, blade and auger attachments. And while each has its purpose on a jobsite, we’re going to take a closer look at a few of the lesser known — yet highly impactful — CTC attachments.

1. Cement Bowl Mixer

Working with concrete can be both messy and complicated, and the complex logistics of moving a traditional mixer around a jobsite can be costly. Toro’s cement bowl mixer attachment can be an excellent solution to increase productivity when compared to manually mixing concrete. And since it’s attached to a CTC, it can also access areas a traditional mixer cannot. This attachment allows the contractor to easily move from place to place without worry of a spill, and the loader’s auxiliary hydraulic system provides continuous power so materials are constantly mixing.

2. Vibratory Plow

Whether a contractor is installing irrigation systems, fiber conduit or even small pipes, a vibratory plow attachment can help save time out in the field. This attachment, built specifically for use on Toro Dingo units, utilizes an elliptical vibrating motion to effectively pull pipe up to 2 in. in diameter. Another advantage of utilizing a vibratory plow attachment is that it has proven to be easy on turf, with minimal tearing or damage to the installation area itself. The Toro vibratory plow attachment also utilizes compression springs to allow the head to pivot for tight turns.

3. Bore Drive Head

When sidewalks or driveways get in the way of irrigation or telecommunications installation projects, many contractors have found the Toro Dingo with a bore drive head attachment to be the right solution for the job. This configuration allows the operator to bore up to 19 in. below the ground surface and is an economical solution for small-scale boring applications. Additionally, the operator can easily lengthen and shorten rods, which maximizes maneuverability on the jobsite.

A Cut Above

Brush WolfBrush Wolf Brush Cutter

The Brush Wolf 72 M-AX handles your most demanding cutting jobs. This workhorse tackles heavy brush and cuts trees up to 8 in. in diameter. The massive blade carrier provides the inertia and torque to slash through material. The 72 M-AX is one of more than 30 models in the Brush Wolf lineup. Brush Wolf offers brush cutters for site prep tractors, skid steers, excavators and backhoes from mini to full size. Experience the reliability and long-lasting durability of Brush Wolf products whether you need to clear a 16-ft path or a 3.5-ft-wide path. Also available is the company’s demolition grapple bucket. For more info, visit

BobcatBobcat Forestry Cutter

Easily rip through hard and soft woods with the new Bobcat 70-in. forestry cutter attachment. This forestry cutter model boasts up to 17 percent more mulching production, allowing for greater production in less time. The 70-in. forestry cutter is approved for use with M2-Series compact track loaders — T750, T770 and T870 — and the S850 skid steer loader. An additional 400-lb counterweight is required when using the 70-in. model with T750 and T770 compact track loaders. Approved skid steer and compact track loaders require high-flow auxiliary hydraulics to operate the attachment. For more info, visit

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