MagnumProComboRobust best-in-class MIG gun line provides 100% duty cycle and premium expendable performance

Lincoln Electric recently announced its newest MIG semiautomatic welding gun line that delivers the best of both worlds — high performance and optimal comfort. The Magnum PRO Curve HDE welding gun line delivers the highest duty cycle in its class and maximizes the operator’s comfort with a new ergonomic design. The newest line-up includes four MIG welding guns: the Magnum PRO Curve HDE 250A, 350A, 450A and 550A. The 250A and 350A guns are coming soon!

All models offered in the new Curve HDE line perform at 100% duty cycle — the highest duty cycle in its class. The robust level of performance makes this family of welding guns the ideal option for a number of industry segments, particularly heavy fabrication and general fabrication. These guns are also ideal for structural and automotive/transport manufacturing.

In addition to the gun itself, Lincoln Electric offers premium Magnum PRO expendables to maximize the gun line’s performance. Magnum PRO expendables are designed with quality and durability in mind, and using Magnum PRO expendables results in more time welding and less time wasted.

More than just an excellent performer, the Magnum PRO Curve HDE is also easy to use with a 360-degree rotatable gooseneck. Operators have the flexibility to rotate the gooseneck simply by loosening the bolt by hand — no tools needed. The gooseneck’s 360-degree capability allows better positioning into a comfortable spot for any welding job. In addition, the newly designed over-molded handle supports the user in multiple ways: increased comfort, better grip, better maneuverability and reduced hand fatigue.

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