Friday Fun: Enjoy this photo collage of DEWALT’s Cool New ToughCase + Accessory Storage Sets

DEWALT debuts ToughCase+ Accessory Storage Sets that are the latest addition to the brand’s accessory storage, with premium features to help keep drilling and fastening bits organized. The system includes four container sizes; the Small Bulk Storage Container, Small ToughCase+ Container, Medium ToughCase+ Container, and Large ToughCase+ Container for unlimited configurations.

The ToughCase+ Containers feature newly-designed bit storage, with a unique bit bar position that allows for easy removal of bits. Clear lids let users see what’s in the case at a glance. In addition, the Small, Medium and Large ToughCase+ Containers include a proprietary latch system to connect to each other for optimized storage space. The Small Bulk Storage Container fits into each of the units as well, and helps loose materials stay organized.

DWA2NGFT40IR_1 Dewalt

The user-friendly features included in the ToughCase+ Accessory Storage Sets help users stay organized and ready-for-action. The sets are available with the most popular lines of bits from DEWALT, including Max Fit Bits, FlexTorq Bits, Tough Grip Bits and more. Available this summer, the Small Bulk Storage Container and Small ToughCase+ Container range from $5.99 to $16.99 MSRP. Available in fall 2019, the Medium ToughCase+ Container and Large ToughCase+ Container range from $19.99 to $39.99 MSRP.

DWAMF30_1 Dewalt

DWAMF30_A2 Dewalt

DWAMF30_A1 dewalt

DWAMF30_E1 dewalt

DWA2NGFT40IR_F1 dewalt

DWA2NGFT40IR_E1 dewalt

DWA2NGFT40IR_A1 dewlat


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