Sullair Releases Its Much Anticipated Mid-Range Series Portable Air Compressors with Electronic Spiral Valve Technology

This is a product launch we’ve been waiting for excitedly. Last year, we teased Sullair‘s Mid-Range Series, the first to incorporate electronic spiral valve technology (the 800HH/900H model delivering 800 to 900 cfm at 150 to 200 psi and the 920H/1100 model delivering 920 to 1,100 cfm at 100 to 150 psi). Spiral valve tech helps maximize fuel efficiency and extend runtimes by precisely matching air supply to demand. Operators can quickly input the exact pressure they want, anywhere between 100 or 200 psi, and the machine calibrates to give the maximum flow at that pressure. Offering both high- and low-pressure offerings and nearly infinite combos means this one compressor covers the job of nine.

That’s impressive. Now, it’s out in the market. This week, Sullair, an industry leading provider of compressed air solutions, launched its Mid-Range Series of Tier 4 Final portable lubricated rotary screw air compressors.

“Electronic spiral valve technology is a gamechanger in our portable air compressors,” said Jerel Cole, Senior Product Manager at Sullair. “Sullair electronic spiral valve technology helps maximize fuel efficiency and extend runtimes by matching air supply to demand. It allows an operator to quickly and easily input the exact pressure they want, anywhere between 100 or 200 psi, and the machine calibrates to give maximum flow at that pressure. It gives users all the air they want, at the pressure they need.”

The Mid-Range Series is the first portable product to offer the proven Sullair 23-Series variable capacity air end. Sullair leaned on its significant expertise in spiral valve technology, including 30 years in the demanding industrial market.

The Mid-Range Series offers two Tier 4 Final diesel engine options: a Caterpillar 7.1L and Perkins 1206J. The Cat 7.1L diesel engine replaces the previous generation’s 9-liter engine. The 7.1-liter engine delivers the same performance but in a smaller package, providing best-in-class fuel efficiency. The smaller sized engine reduces the compressor’s overall weight, making towing and maneuverability easier and minimizing impacts to the environment.

The flexibility of the Sullair Mid-Range Series covers the jobs of up to nine compressors. This makes it ideal for applications including pipeline work, construction, abrasive blasting, fiber optics installation, shipyards and more.

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“Flexibility is at the center of how and why we developed the new Mid-Range Series,” added Cole. “For rental companies, this means one compressor covers a wide range of applications—giving rental companies maximum ROI and higher utilization rates. Construction companies also benefit from a reduction in the number and types of compressors they need to own. The Mid-Range Series provides different pressure/flow options at different times, eliminating the need to rotate compressors in and out of a jobsite. Instead, one unit solves many of their needs.”

The Mid-Range Series is designed for ease of use and serviceability. Other features include a state-of-the-art 7” Sullair Touch Screen (STS) Controller allowing for easy control at the touch of a finger – even with gloves on – and multiple service doors with robust push-to-close latches. These provide easy access to all service components to maximize uptime and help increase worker safety. Users also have the option of adding Airlinx®, which provides telematics and remote monitoring capabilities.

The Mid-Range Series is the latest addition to the broad range of Sullair portable air compressors. Sullair offers small, medium and large portable air compressors, ranging from 185 to 1600 cfm, with multiple engines to give customers additional choices.