Innovative Iron Award Winner: Toro’s eDingo 500 Electric Compact Utility Loader

Toro's eDingo 500

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The world of off-highway machinery is evolving — battery-powered units, hydrogen engines, luxury and economy tiering, machine control automation — but maybe the biggest evolution is that everyone wants a compact machine. Small, tool-carrying construction equipment now make up about 50 percent of the U.S. machinery market with mini excavators and compact track loaders being the two most popular categories in America. To meet this enormous demand, machine makers released some pretty awesome machines in the past 12 months: advanced skid steers, electric asphalt pavers, entry-level grade control attachments and so much more. The 2023 Innovative Iron Awards celebrate the best of these compact equipment launches. Scouring tradeshows, visiting manufacturers, operating units, interviewing experts, this annual compilation represents the best equipment we’ve seen and experienced all year, including…

Toro’s eDingo 500 Electric Compact Utility Loader

Toro’s second generation of battery-powered compact utility loaders takes the concept of indoor e-machines to a new level. Toro designed its eDingo 500 specifically for indoor construction jobs that require heavy or continuous operation, fast completion times and reduced overall costs. This is the narrowest unit on the market with a width of 30 in., fitting through even the tightest of doorways. Toro has even designed unique 30-in. attachments to fit on the eDingo 500 (those implements also won and Innovative Iron Award), allowing this unit to enter doors or gates for work inside or in emissions or noise restricted areas. Back in September, I caught up with Sam Dando, product marketing manager at Toro, to discuss this newest battery-powered Dingo. From that interview:

“Since the success of the eDingo 500 launched in 2020, we went to work on the next generation of the machine, and we launched the new eDingo 500 in January 2023,” said Dando. “Our engineers built the next generation eDingo to allow contractors and construction professionals to reap all the benefits and power of a standard CUL with zero exhaust emissions and a significantly lower cost of operation. The next generation eDingo 500 is the ideal choice for indoor construction jobs. Every improvement made to the next generation eDingo was driven by customer feedback. For example, the HyperCell Power System is more powerful and reliable than ever and allows for all-day run times.”

The HyperCell battery system is at the heart of the eDingo 500. By leveraging lithium-ion battery cells with high-energy density, Toro has successfully created equipment that rivals the performance of gas-powered alternatives. The integration of a Battery Management System (BMS) in Toro’s HyperCell batteries helps prioritize efficiency and extended battery life. The BMS allows the batteries to communicate with each other, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. When the eDingo has put in a full eight-hour day and needs charging, the onboard charger plugs into a standard 120V wall outlet and fully charges the machine overnight so it’s ready to work first thing the next morning.

Toro edingo 500 working in a building

“Larger municipalities are driving the shift to electric, especially on the coasts and in areas where emissions regulations are in effect,” said Dando. “Contractors who incorporate battery-powered construction equipment into their fleets now may gain an advantage when bidding on municipal projects. Many projects are becoming stricter when it comes to emissions and noise generated indoors, which can often be met with battery-powered equipment.”

The new eDingo design is now capable of fitting through even the tightest of doorways with a narrow width of 30 in., yet still boasts a rated operating capacity of 515 lbs and 6.5 gpm of auxiliary hydraulic flow. The high operating capacity allows for the effective use of many Toro attachments. It also boasts a hinge pin height of 81 in., which allows for clearing into most standard dumpsters. Additionally, electric drive motors make the eDingo super quiet while still capable of zero-turn maneuvers in tight spaces. There’s a new onboard charger and cord storage + patent-pending traction controls (the latter are user-friendly and allow for smooth and precise movements at any skill level). A powerful 1,200-lumen work light for improved visibility and a comfort mat to fight operator fatigue round out the new eDingo features.

Another key benefit of battery-powered machinery is the reduced need for regular maintenance. The powerful lithium-ion battery on the eDingo means it doesn’t need engine oil and filter changes, belt adjustments or new air filters.

TOro Edingo 500 studio image

“When looking at the return on investment for electric CULs the easiest comparison is that you are purchasing the machine and all the fuel it needs for its lifetime — upfront,” said Dando. “The amount of money a contractor could potentially save on fuel costs by switching to electric equipment depends on several factors, such as the type of equipment, the size of the fleet and the cost of electricity in their area. Contractors can typically expect to save a significant amount of money by switching to electric equipment and often even recoup the investment over the life of the machinery. Additionally, battery-powered machines require little to no maintenance which increases their productivity on the jobsite. Contractors can bring in more money by eliminating extra downtime with electric CULs.”

Compact utility loaders (also called mini skid steers, mini track loaders or stand-on tool carriers) are an ideal category for electrification (urban work environments, on/off work cycles and machines size). It’s exciting to see Toro push e-machines into this space. Congrats on the award. For more info, visit

Keith Gribbins publisher of Compact Equipment.

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