Summer Break is Right Around the Corner. Keep the Kids Busy (and Learning) with These Fun Projects.

Editor’s Note: Since we’re spending time at home with our little ones more than ever, we thought it would be fun to share some kids construction content like crafts, STEM projects, etc. Stay tuned for a sister site dedicated to kids and construction in 2021

Somehow summer break is here and we wanna help. Kids are ALWAYS looking for ways to keep busy, so we rounded up five fun projects that not only provide some entertainment but also keep them off of tablets and away from the TV. Oh, and some even use tools to help get them learning about construction. Enjoy!

  • Score some major cool points and Build a PVC Sprinkler.
  • Kids love forts and parents love some quiet time. Gather up some supplies and Build a PVC Fort. It’s the perfect place for kids to hang.
  • Keep little hands busy and Make a Maze!
  • Sneak in some STEM projects this summer and Build a House with straws, toothpicks, marshmallows and more. Bonus: the marshmallows can double as a snack.
  • Grab some paint, a canvas and painter’s tape and Tape It Off. Tip: Head outside for this project to enjoy the sun and cut cleanup in half.

Have a great summer!

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