Winter Break Fun: Let’s Build a PVC Fort!

What You’ll Need

  • Four 10-foot long ¾” PVC pipe
  • Eight T-joints
  • Ten 90-degree elbow joints
  • Bed Sheet
  • Hand saw or jigsaw


1. Have a grownup make your cuts with the lengths below. Mark the pieces with the lengths so you can easily find them.

  • Bottom (x2) 36”
  • Front (x2) 32”
  • Back (x2) 5”, 19”, 5”
  • Back Brace (x2) 32”
  • Top (x2) 6”, 21”, 6”
  • Peak (x4) 22”

2. Make the bottom by attaching 90-degree elbow joints to both ends of the 36” pieces (x2).

3. Build the back pieces (x2) using a 5” piece + a T-joint + a 19” piece + a T-joint + a 5” piece. Connect those by inserting the 32” back brace pieces in the T-joints. Then insert the whole piece into the back end of the bottom pieces.

4. Attach a front 32” piece to the open end of the bottom (x2). Use 90-degree elbow joints on the four points of the top. Build the top using a 6” piece + a T-joint + a 21” piece + a T-joint + a 6” piece. Use these to connect the top elbow joints.

5. Build the peak using a 22” piece + an elbow joint + a 22” piece (x2). Insert them into the top T-joints.

6. Use sheet to cover and have fun!

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