New Woods Construction wheel loader bucket ships in 15 working days

CF_WheelLoaderBucket_FrontWhen you need to dig in, dump, load, and move more, the new Central Fabricator (CF) General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket is the right tool for the project. In addition to the large selection and easy to use features, this new bucket will ship from the factory in 15 working days from the date of order.

Scott Baylor, Project Manager for Woods Construction, said, “We can get it to the Woods Construction dealer very quickly. That’s a big advantage for construction crews, rental stores, or other customers who need to finish projects on time – or, early.”

The new bucket is designed for long life and durability, made with US grade 50 KSI yield steel, and 100 KSI yield in high-wear areas. The new bucket from Woods Construction is available in fourteen sizes ranging from 97 to 119 inches wide, for Class 2 through Class 6 wheel loaders. It is compatible with popular JRB-style couplers and the customer can choose a three-piece or four-piece OEM style bolt-on cutting edge.

Another advantage is engineered into the bucket design, which incorporates a flat edge along the top of the bucket. That flat edge allows an operator to visually level the bucket and fill it to capacity — maximizing their work. Engineering Manager Nick Peterson said that feature was praised by the experienced operators who
used the bucket during the testing phase.

This addition to the Woods line of Wheel Loader Buckets offers replaceable, bolt-on skid shoes and cutting edges for easier maintenance, and a longer work life.

A new slope bottom design features a 5% raised dump angle and better roll and fill, for increased performance.

The new CF General Purpose Wheel Loader Bucket is available from a network of authorized Woods Construction Equipment dealers throughout North America.

To learn more about Woods, click this link. Hurry! Before it’s too late!

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