Machine Heads Video: Asking ASV’s Buck Storlie About Drum Mulching Attachments and More

Editor’s Note: This Machine Heads video is part three in a four-part video series on drum mulching attachments for skid steers and track loaders. MH editor Wayne Greyson discusses these gnarly brush cutters with experts like Caterpillar, ASV and Loftness. Here are parts one, two and three. Both have great insights on buying, operating and maintaining a drum mulching implement.

Fitted with tracks and the ability to switch attachments, compact track loaders are amazing land management machines that can tackle all types of vegetation apps with the right implements — mower, tree spade, stump grinder, sod roller, root grapple, sprayer and (the focus of this Machine Heads video) drum mulchers or brush cutters.

Matching auxiliary hydraulic horsepower and weight configurations, contractors can easily add a drum mulcher attachment to their CTL’s attachment arsenal and begin to tackle projects that involve clearing and mulching certain size trees and brush. Even the lower horsepower/lower hydraulic power track loaders are capable of wielding drum mulchers within certain limitations, especially with the emergence of standard-flow drum mulchers. Many heavy equipment OEMs also offer a brush cutting or forestry spec compact track loader that’s upfitted to work with a drum mulching attachment. For example, ASV is an excellent brand that offers forestry-grade track loaders — like its VT-100 Forestry and RT-135 Forestry units.

Since we were pulling together a four-part video series on drum mulcher attachments for track loaders, ASV was a natural choice and great resource for our Machine Heads quartet. ASV is known for making serious compact track loaders. So, of course its drum mulching lineup has serious standards as well. I learned all this when I sat down with Buck Storlie of Yanmar North America (Yanmar acquired ASV back in 2019) to discuss the ASV lineup of drum mulchers and what those looking to invest in a drum mulcher need to know about mating one of these powerful attachments to the right compact track loader. Storlie’s audio has a slight delay, which we apologize for, but the information is still important, so take a listen.

Equipped with the right brush cutter, CTL owners and operators can bring in a steady stream of revenue when dirt work and other types of jobs are not available. Whether its hobby farms, powerlines and utility rights-of-ways, hunting land, disaster cleanup or pioneering sitework, there are plenty of customers, both private and public. Watch the video above to get started.

Wayne Greyson is the Machine Heads editor for Compact Equipment.