Check Out Werk-Brau’s New NOX Tiltrotators

New Werk-Brau NOX Tiltrotators provide 360-degrees of endless rotation with a tilt angle of 2 x 50-degrees allowing greater versatility with a wide range of attachments. With a strong, compact design, these versatile tool transforms excavators into multi-functional carriers that work in deep trenches, under or between existing pipes and tubes, and in other confined space applications. Ideal for use with fork tines, grabs, grippers, buckets, and more, this proven technology allow operators to complete projects without repositioning the carrier. This allows faster, safer, more efficient project completion, shaving up to 25% from the project time. A range of Werk-Brau NOX Tiltrotators are available for excavators in various classes and categories, from 3-25 tons.

With integrated hydraulics and no components protruding from the compact design, the risk of damaging hydraulic cylinders, hoses, or other components is very small. There are minimal wear parts, and only two fittings that require grease, so maintenance time and consumables are minimized. A special cast housing provides stability and a long service life, even in adverse conditions. An elliptical rotary actuator provides a low overall height and a narrow width with no cylinders. The wider tilt angle allows greater flexibility. A robust, low-maintenance worm drive is designed for difficult tasks. Industrial valves provide long service life. 

Safety is assured due to the D-Lock Coupler which locks front and rear pins and does not require a safety pin. D-Lock Couplers are to ISO 13031, Australian standard AS4772-2008, European EN474 standard and all major contractor policies.

The NOXPROP+ control system provides convenient and effective control of the NOX tiltrotator, quick coupler and mounted attachments. Easily retrofittable for every excavator, the attached touchscreen allows individual assignment of functions and easy menu navigation. Integrated GPS, LTE, Bluetooth and WiFi antennas link the machine to the digital working world. When combined with SmartTag, the system can be connected to fleet management systems. NOXPROP+ is pre-equipped for future assistance functions such as dynamic scales, 2D height and depth display, BPM and fleet management or copilot systems. 


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