JLG Expands Connected Solutions with Augmented Reality App

JLG Augmented Realty App

JLG Industries Inc., an Oshkosh Corporation company and leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms and telehandlers, is pleased to introduce its new Augmented Reality (AR) App. The App is the latest introduction in the company’s expanding portfolio of connected solutions that provide customers with mobile phone and/or tablet-based productivity and safety advantages on the jobsite. JLG customers have the opportunity to demo the new suite of augmented reality tools at CONEXPO 2020 at booth #F5324.

The JLG Augmented Reality (AR) App uses next-generation augmented reality visualization to enable faster and more accurate project planning and onsite equipment management.

“One of the JLG core values is to deliver solutions that drive meaningful results to a customers’ bottom line. We’ve looked at their businesses holistically from sales to service to operations, identified pain points and are developing a series of digital tools that make both their jobs and workday run smoother,” said Korry Kobel, JLG director of engineering. “We’re very excited to have leveraged the latest in augmented reality technology to develop this App. It represents our company’s first step in utilizing this powerful, rapidly evolving technology.”

The augmented reality app offers several tools to improve safety, productivity and jobsite efficiency.

  • Machine Visualization – This app module uses augmented reality technology to allow users to place a to-scale 3D model of their selected machine into their work environment. They can move the virtual machine through doorways, into smaller spaces, around obstacles and even elevate the machine to guide proper machine selection.
  • Accessory Visualization – App users can visualize how accessories for booms, scissors and telehandlers, such as bolt-on fall arrest, swing carriages, fork-mounted buckets, and pipe racks will look on the machine, facilitating better purchase or rental decisions.
  • Decal Viewer – Machine operators and technicians can scan decals relating to machine operation and safety and receive information on what the ISO symbols mean. They will also be able to zoom in on the decal text and view it in their preferred language, ensuring better comprehension and safer machine operation and service.
  • Controls Viewer/Operation Guidance – Machine operators can use augmented reality to see an overlay of a machine’s control panel with explanations of the control functions, enabling safer and more confident machine operation.
  • Annual Inspection Assistant – This time-saving app component assists service technicians with annual inspections by providing the inspection steps and detailed inspection information. In addition, inspector documentation and images can be stored in the app for reference, resulting in faster, more efficient inspections.

JLG’s engineering team plans to actively work with customers to continue its development and future roadmap for planned enhancements and additional features.

The augmented reality app will be available in the Apple App Store for the Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad in Spring 2020. An Android app is planned for future release.

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