JCB Launches LPG-Fueled Teletruk Forklifts in North America

JCB recently added two liquid propane gas (LPG)fueled models to its range of popular Teletruk forklifts. Initially developed to meet the needs of the logistics industry, the new JCB TLT 25 LPG and TLT 30 LPG Teletruks are suited to indoor and emissions-sensitive applications, such as warehouse and logistics facilities, food processing, and greenhouse and commercial landscaping operations.

The JCB Teletruk is the world’s only telescopic counterbalance forklift, allowing it to lift higher and reach further than a conventional forklift. The Teletruk design also eliminates the visibility obstruction created by a forklift mast, for improved site safety and productivity.

The primary difference between the two new models is lift capacity; the TLT 25 LPG has a maximum lift capacity of 5,500 lbs and the TLT 30 LPG has a maximum lift capacity of 6,600 lbs. Both machines have a maximum lift height of 13 ft, 1 in. and forward reach of 4 ft, 8 in. And both models are powered by a 59-hp Tier 4 Final-compliant Kubota engine.

“The Teletruk is already a game-changer for forklift operators who love the lift height, reach and unobstructed visibility. Once they start using it, they do not want anything else,” said Rebecca Yates, material handling product manager at JCB North America. “The addition of LPG models makes the JCB forklift range a viable and desirable option for a whole new range of indoor applications and makes it a great choice for environmentally conscious customers.”

The telescopic boom on the Teletruk allows loading and unloading tasks to be completed within half the space required by a conventional forklift. And the unrivalled forward reach allows the operator to unload an 8-foot wide truck trailer from one side, reducing forklift movements, saving time and fuel, and minimizing hazards for others around the work site.

JCB Teletruks fit into a standard shipping container, for easy unloading, and can operate on a 16 percent gradient with a full load. All Teletruks also are equipped with JCB’s LiveLink telematics system which offers real time machine status information to maximum uptime. In addition to the new LPG machines, JCB North America continues to offer the dieselpowered TLT 35 D Teletruk for construction applications.

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