Details on All of Genie’s Newest Products Announced This Week, Scissors, Accessories, Tires, Tracks and Beyond

This week I was in Redmond, Wash. (see proof here), inspecting the latest equipment released from MEWP manufacturer Genie. I’m doing a big feature on the trip in the Nov./Dec. print issue of CE, but till then, here are the details on all the cool new products released from Genie.

GS Scissor Lifts Update to Meet Worldwide Standards

Genie GS-1932 scissor lift

Meeting new global standards requirements, Genie GS slab scissor lift machine specifications and performance have been updated worldwide to adopt one global slab scissor lift specification. Beginning in December 2019, to be in compliance with worldwide standards, new Genie GS scissor lifts will be equipped with:

  • Dual zone control, enabling outdoor use on all models
  • Load sense
  • Standard folding guardrails (excluding the Genie GS-1330m)
  • Standard swing gates

Genie GS global-spec scissor lifts go into production in Redmond, Wash., USA, and Changzhou, China, in late 2019. These models will be available immediately in North America and China, with deliveries globally in 2020.

“Changes to the North American standards will impact all types of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) — commonly known as aerial work platforms or AWPs — that Genie manufactures, including all Genie GS slab scissor lifts,” says Mike Flanagan, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “The updated ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards are based on an ISO standard, driving global standards commonality with European (EN 280) and other international standards. One global standard offering for Genie GS slab scissor lifts will boost operators’ productivity, while limiting rental fleet complexity.

“Taking advantage of the North American MEWP standards changes, we had the opportunity to harmonize the Genie GS scissor lift family worldwide, offering a more consistent, productive machine that’s simple to use and intuitive to operate, as well as has the flexibility and versatility to be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications,” Flanagan adds. “Responding to feedback from customers around the world, the Genie scissor lift line now boasts the benefits of new commonalities in design, features, options and accessories across the full range, which simplifies the rental process and increases rental opportunities.

According to Flanagan, the new global-spec Genie GS scissor lifts are now equipped with load sense systems, which include drive and lift cutout functions if an overload is measured, and adopt wind rating requirements — similar to those features currently in effect in European markets.

Dual Zone Control

“For Genie, a standard global scissor lift offering has several benefits,” says Flanagan. “For rental companies, design commonality reduces rental fleet complexity, which increases rROIC (rental return on invested capital), and the addition of the new dual zone control system feature increases machine utilization.”

For example, says Flanagan, operators will now have the ability to switch between indoor or outdoor applications, which enables them to perform multiple tasks using one machine. This capability saves time and increases productivity. For ease of operation, this dual zone control system is intuitive, allowing operators to work indoors or outdoors at the push of a button.”

Genie slab scissors, equipped with the Genie Smart Link dual zone control, will now have two buttons on the platform controller that require the operator to select the “Indoor” or “Outdoor” zone of operation. When the “Outdoor” zone is selected, outdoor operation is permitted while maximum platform height and occupancy will be restricted.

Customers can identify a Genie GS dual zone scissor lift model in two ways:

  1. The platform control (PCON) includes two additional buttons (dual zone)
  2. The Genie Smart Link decal on the platform toeboard has been updated to indicate it is equipped with dual zone control

Controlling outdoor height drives improved rental return on invested capital (rROIC), for customers, with a focus on performance for operators by:

  • Enabling outdoor operation (with restricted maximum platform height)
  • Eliminating complexity of managing a fleet of indoor-use only scissor lifts
  • Minimizing impact to machine performance (e.g. ramp climbing) and jobsite acceptance (e.g. floor loading) due to machine weight

Additionally, the Genie GS-1932 scissor lift, equipped with Genie Smart Link dual zone control, will now be available in all markets. The Genie GS-1932 scissor lift minimizes the impact of new standard compliance on machine weight and productivity, weighing in at only 2,999 lb (1,360 kg).

Load Sense

Global standards require all MEWPs to continuously check the weight in the platform and disable function if the load is above the platform load limit. On the new Genie GS global-spec slab scissor lifts, load sense is accomplished using a hydraulic pressure sensor and a link angle sensor. Together, the pressure sensor and angle sensor is designed to monitor the platform load and alert the operator if the machine is overloaded. When an overload event occurs, the Genie Smart Link platform controller will indicate -OL-, an alarm will sound and machine motion will stop. In the event the scissor lift is overloaded, weight must be removed from the platform to resume operation.

Folding Guardrails and More New Features

Genie GS-1932 scissor lift1

In North America, the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards require the guardrail height to increase to 3 ft 7 in (1.1 m). Genie scissor lifts historically designed with fixed guardrails as standard, including the Genie GS-1530, GS-1930 and GS-2032 models, will now be equipped with folding guardrails.

A number of other changes have been incorporated across the entire Genie GS slab scissor family, including the addition of toeboards on all entrances and standard swing gates on the platforms. Due to the model’s compact footprint and low stowed height, the Genie GS-1330m scissor lift will maintain standard fixed guardrails.

Service and Support

The updated Genie GS scissor lifts share commonality in design, parts and accessories, as well as serviceability benefits, including easy access to crucial service points, with the Genie GS scissor lifts of today.

To support customers after the sale, the Genie parts department ships to locations around the world with almost all orders processed in 24 hours. And, they are backed by the brand’s worldwide product support network that is available to customers when they need it.

Three New Accessories/Productivity Tools for Genie GS Scissor Lifts

Genie Lift Tools Panel CradleThree new productivity tools will soon be available for the updated Genie GS scissor lifts — the Genie Lift Tools Work Tray, Pipe Cradle and Panel Carrier accessories. Designed to increase operator efficiency when working at height, the new Genie Lift Tools accessories also promote best practices for safe use and increased performance while operating Genie GS scissor lifts. These new Genie accessories are ANSI- and CSA-compliant and will be available in North America in late 2019. They will be available globally in 2020, including in select areas of Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia (EMEAR) pending CE certification and country-specific regulations approval.

Genie Lift Tools Work Tray

The new easy-to-install Genie Lift Tools Work Tray is designed to help eliminate clutter and potential tripping hazards by providing operators and workers with a convenient place to store their tools, fasteners and small materials in the platform.

It’s durable, rotomolded design shares commonality with the tool tray available on Genie boom lifts. It can be used on the main platform or on the extension deck on most Genie GS slab scissor lift models (excluding the Genie GS-1330m).

Genie Lift Tools Pipe Cradle

Genie Lift Tools Pipe CradleDesigned, tested and approved for all Genie GS scissor lift models, the new Genie Lift Tools Pipe Cradle reduces the risk of fatigue by providing an efficient way to securely carry pipes or other jobsite materials in a scissor lift platform. Easily installed in under 10 minutes, these pipe cradles deliver stability and rigidity with a robust design and can be used with extension deck extended or retracted.

Genie Lift Tools Panel Carrier

The new Genie Lift Tools Panel Carrier accessory allows operators to lift panels, windows and drywall secured on the outside surface of the platform, simplifying loading, unloading, and placement of panel materials on the jobsite. This accessory measures the full length of the scissor lift’s platform and can be quickly and easily installed on all Genie GS slab scissor lift models.

The New Genie GS-4655 Slab Scissor Lift

Genie GS-4655 scissor lift

Designed to meet global demand for indoor and outdoor, high-height and narrow-access applications, the new Genie GS-4655 slab scissor lift, the latest addition to the brand’s large electric slab scissor lift family, will soon be available worldwide. Part of updated line of Genie GS global-spec scissor lifts, adhering to the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 standards in North America, as well as boasting global commonality with European (EN 280) and other international standards, this new Genie GS model comes in a compact, lightweight package that combines increased battery runtime and fully sealed AC electric motors for maximized productivity and drive efficiency. The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is spec’d for use on jobsites globally, complying with load sense requirements, as well as indoor and outdoor use ratings, in ANSI, CSA and CE markets.

The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift model goes into production in late 2019. This model will be available immediately in North America and China, with rest-of-the-world deliveries starting in 2020.

“The new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is designed with the capacity, runtime and gradeability needed to access and perform on demanding jobsites,” says Mike Flanagan, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “We engineered this new scissor lift to deliver the height and jobsite performance in a low cost of ownership package that will strengthen any rental fleet.”

According to Flanagan, key applications for the new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift model include narrow aisle warehouses, electrical installation and facilities maintenance tasks, as well as demanding tilt-up and heavy-duty construction jobsites.

Enhanced Productivity

Designed for use in a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift combines a narrow chassis (4 ft 7 in / 1.4 m), industry-leading indoor working height (52 ft / 16.02 m), maximum outdoor working height (34 ft 6 in / 10.7 m) and a 770-lb (350 kg) platform capacity to maximize rental utilization and productivity on the jobsite.

The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is also equipped with a 4-ft (1.2 m) roll out extension deck, providing industry-leading access in the slab scissor category, and it offers full-drive height capabilities at the 46 ft (14 m) maximum platform height.

Equipped with the familiar Genie Smart Link control system, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is also well adapted for light-duty construction projects, electrical installation and facility maintenance tasks where proportional control and precise positioning are required.

Genie GS-4655 scissor lift1

Efficient Drive System

The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with an innovative, high-performance AC electric drive system, replacing the traditional hydraulic drive motors and reducing the number of hydraulic service points. Boasting “go anywhere” capabilities, the heavy-duty front-wheel electric drive motors are fully sealed to ensure this new Genie scissor lift can stand up to harsh jobsite conditions. With 25% gradeability and a 14° breakover angle, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift can climb demanding ramps for easy transportability.

This unit’s highly efficient AC electric drive technology, combined with regenerative breaking, also ensures that industry-leading runtime per charge is possible, maximizing jobsite productivity. Other advantages of the new AC electric drive technology on the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift include precise and smooth drive control and fewer hydraulic touch points.

Global-use Machine

“Driving global design commonality with international standards, such as the EN 280 (European standards), we took advantage of the changing ANSI/CSA standards in North America to harmonize our scissor lift family worldwide,” says Flanagan. “The Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is a brand new model that can be used on jobsites globally, adhering to load sense requirements and indoor and outdoor use ratings in ANSI, CSA and CE markets.”

To adhere to the wind-rating requirements in the new ANSI and CSA standards in North America, which are based on an ISO standard, the new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with dual zone capabilities, rating it for indoor and outdoor use. This new model will be full height capable indoors, with reduced maximum platform height outdoors — simplifying fleet management and boosting utilization in indoor and outdoor applications.

To utilize this dual work zone feature, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with “Indoor” and “Outdoor” zone selection buttons, enabling operators to select the appropriate zone to match the working environment. When operating outdoors, maximum platform height will be reduced to adhere to wind rating requirements set forth in global standards.

Like other Genie scissor lift models, the new Genie GS-4655 unit features the unique Smart Link™ control system that includes proportional lift and drive functionality that allows for precise controllability and smooth handling characteristics. It also has standard function select timeouts and easy to read operational codes. This new Genie GS scissor lift is equipped with a load sense system that continuously monitors the platform load to make sure operators are working within the machine’s rated capacity.

Durable Design

Heavy-duty and rental-ready, the Genie GS-4655 scissor lift is equipped with side-by-side platform railings for easy deck extension and retraction. The platform is engineered with diamond plate platform flooring, which provides a durable, long-life gripping surface. With the link stack centered under the platform, the operator is provided with a stable feel and optimal comfort while working at height.

New to this model, side forklift pockets are included in the chassis, simplifying transportability, as well as jobsite or rental yard logistics and storage.

Genie GS-4655 scissor lift2

Service and Support

The new Genie GS-4655 scissor lift shares commonality in design, parts and accessories, as well as serviceability benefits, with the Genie GS scissor lift family. For example, swing-out service trays allow for unobstructed access to all machine components, including the hydraulic and electrical systems, simplifying service and maintenance.

The onboard Genie Smart Link control system simplifies troubleshooting with easy to read and user-friendly machine adjustments and built-in diagnostics, reducing downtime and maximizing rental return on invested capital (rROIC). The new Genie GS-4655 model is compatible with the Genie Tech Pro Link handheld diagnostic tool, which enables plug-and-play software updates, settings adjustments and calibrations, with full error code readouts for simple diagnosing and troubleshooting.

New Genie High Float and TraX Booms Focused on Unique Terrain

Genie S-45 TraX Boom1

Designed to perform in sensitive ground conditions, such as sand and turf, Genie High Float (HF) and TraX boom lifts offer productive machine performance on soft or delicate surfaces. To meet market demand, new models have been added to the Genie product line-up, including the Genie Z-45 HF, S-40 HF, S-45 HF, S-60 HF and S-65 HF booms, as well as the Genie S-40 TraX, S-45 TraX, S-60 TraX and S-65 TraX machines. All of these new Genie models are based on the design and engineering of the Genie Xtra Capacity (XC) booms, complying with the platform load sensing requirements and terrain sensing guidelines in the new ANSI A92 and CSA B354 industry standards in North America, as well as European EN280 and Australian AS 1418.10 standards.

These new Genie HF and TraX booms are now available in North America and will be available in select regions of the EMEAR market (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) in 2020, pending CE certification and country-specific regulations approval.

“Our goal with the design of these new Genie models is to enhance operators’ productivity on soft or delicate ground surfaces,” says Marie Engstrom, Genie Product Manager, Terex AWP. “These new boom models deliver extra capacity capabilities with increased performance in sensitive ground conditions, which translates to fewer lift cycles, less equipment needed to get tools and materials to work areas at height and the ability to work on jobsites where regular rough terrain machines do not perform.”

Model specifications

All new Genie HF models offer a lift capacity of 600-lb (272 kg) unrestricted, giving customers the ability to work with two people onboard while still leaving room for tools and jobsite materials. In addition, the new Genie S-60 HF and 65 HF models offer operators the ability to utilize a 1,000-lb (454 kg) restricted capacity, expanding these machines’ working envelope. The new Genie TraX models offer 660-lb (272 kg) unrestricted and 1,000-lb (454 kg) restricted dual lift capacity.

All of the new Genie HF and TraX booms, with the exception of the new Genie Z-45 HF unit, also feature automatic envelope control, which is the ability to automatically retract as the booms reach their operating envelope. This feature allows for simple platform positioning and an enhanced operator’s experience. And, these booms are equipped with a load sense cell that continuously checks the weight in the platform and limits the operating envelope to match the load chart, all while boasting the ability to do zero load field calibrations.

Many of the new Genie HF and TraX booms also boast an expanded working zone thanks to a chassis tilt sensor incorporated into the machines’ function*. This unique chassis tilt sensing technology gives operators access to different ranges of motion based on the chassis angle. And, it is engineered to automatically cuts out certain lift and drive functions of the machines when the tilt activation setting is reached. This feature means that not only are most of the Genie HF and TraX machines able to carry more load than ever before, but they are also able to maximize operator’s access hard-to-reach work areas on challenging jobsites.

Like the new Genie XC booms, many of the new Genie HF and TraX models have been updated with a CAN-based control system that incorporates the familiar Genie Smart Link technology*. Operators will find the control layout on these booms to be consistent and intuitive, making the operation of the booms easy and straightforward. And, service technicians will appreciate the onboard diagnostics available on the new LCD display at the ground controls, allowing machine setup, calibration and troubleshooting right on the machine — no need for a laptop or any additional accessories.

*The Genie Z-45 HF boom utilizes technology proven on previous versions of this model, providing operators with a fixed range of motion and a reliable control system for precise boom positioning and smooth performance.

Genie High Float tires NEW

Designed for productivity

For productivity on sensitive surfaces, Genie S-60 HF and S-65 HF booms are equipped with air-filled 41/18LL x 22.5 20 ply tires, while Genie Z-45 HF, S-40 HF and S-45 HF booms are outfitted with 33/16LL 500, 10 ply, 19-1/2 in wheels. These tires increase the booms’ performance in sensitive ground conditions, such as sand and turf because they are engineered to “float” on soft or delicate surfaces to protect softer surfaces during operation that could be damaged by the more aggressive tread on regular rough terrain tires.

The Genie TraX booms are engineered with a patented track and axle system. Featuring four independent triangular steel tracks encased in rubber at each corner of the unit, and a 30° steer angle that offers the drive and steer capabilities of a traditional front-wheel steer machine, each triangular-shaped track swivels 22° up and down to maintain constant contact with the ground. Thanks to this system, Genie TraX track-mounted booms adapt to extremely challenging rough or sensitive terrain and sharp changes in slope easily, including the break-over angle on many transport trailers. Enhancing the comfort of the operator experience while delivering excellent terrainability and maximized power and torque, this patented Genie track and axle system reduces damage to soft and sensitive surfaces ranging from wet grass, mud, sand and snow to harder uneven gravel, rock, concrete or asphalt-based surfaces.

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