Wacker Neuson Wheel Loaders Summarized — 2021 Spec Guide

Wacker Neuson wheel loader

A Full Line of Articulated, All-Wheel Steer and Telescopic Wheel Loaders

Wacker Neuson first introduced wheel loaders to the North American market in 2007, after the machines experienced popularity in the European construction and agriculture segments. These versatile material handling products were a natural extension to Wacker Neuson’s widely known compaction, concrete and jobsite light equipment products. The offering began with a couple of smaller articulated models and today the company offers a full line of articulated, all-wheel steer and telescopic wheel loaders that work in a variety of industries including construction, agriculture, landscape, snow removal and recycling.

Wacker Neuson’s heavy-duty model, the articulated WL95 with a 2-cu-yd bucket and straight bucket tipping load up to 14,394 lbs, offers performance with a high payload that allows operators to load, move and place materials more efficiently. Keeping with the Wacker Neuson tradition of offering machines with a compact design, the WL95 offers a compact design for a loader this size, which enables a tight turning radius and generous steering angle.

The WL32, WL34, WL38, WL52, WL60, WL60T and WL95 are designed with an articulated joint, allowing the machine to pivot. When working in confined areas with tight turns and uneven terrain, these articulated wheel loaders are an excellent choice. The articulation joint allows the machine to access and operate in areas such as residential spaces, greenhouses and barns. The high degree of maneuverability and stability allow materials to be transported efficiently.

The all-wheel steer wheel loaders, the 5055, 8085 and 8085T, are designed with a rigid one-piece chassis that prevents shifts in the center of gravity at full turn. This ensures unparalleled stability, even when working on uneven ground and maintains a constant payload. The AWS has a 40-degree steering angle on each axle that allows a high degree of maneuverability which helps to reduce transit and cycle times. Most AWS models feature three steering modes; four-wheel, two-wheel and crab, which provide maximum maneuverability on the job.

Wacker Neuson offers two telescopic wheel loader units, the all-wheel steer 8085T and articulated WL60T. These units offer additional reach for stacking and dumping with a telescopic boom, providing added versatility and greater productivity.

Operator comfort is the foundation of Wacker Neuson’s wheel loader design. Plenty of legroom, adjustable seats, ergonomically positioned controls at the operators’ fingertips and excellent visibility all contribute to longer, productive operation.

Wacker Neuson wheel loader specs

Advice to Buyers

“Wheel loaders can be efficient alternatives to skid steers in certain applications,” says Jay Quatro, commercial product manager, Wacker Neuson. “With a universal attachment plate, wheel loaders can become tool carriers, utilizing many attachments you may already own. Buyers should consider features that make running these additional attachments easier, such as throttle and speed control kits, ride control and a multi-function electrical port.”

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