Kubota Utility Vehicles — 2016 Spec Guide

The Best-Selling Diesel Utility Vehicles in North America

In 1974, Kubota Tractor Corp. launched the first 12-hp, four-wheel-drive compact tractor in the United States. Since 2004, Kubota RTVs have been the best-selling diesel utility vehicle in North America, according to Power Products Marketing’s North American Utility Vehicle Report. The new RTV-X1140, Kubota’s latest addition to the line, features an innovative Kubota K-Vertible cargo conversion system, which transforms the vehicle with minimal effort and time from two passengers and a large cargo bed to four passengers and a cargo bed.

The RTV-X1140 delivers a 24.8-hp Kubota liquid-cooled diesel engine, work-proven for dependable performance even in the harshest terrains. With convenient tilt steering and simple inline shifting, the RTV-X1140 has a variable hydraulic transmission that offers wide torque band and large oil cooler that boost performance and durability.

Front and rear independent suspension on all four wheels ensures a good ride, enhancing drivability and handling in most off-road conditions. Kubota’s RTV-X1140 offers a full 11.3 in. of ground clearance and 8 in. of suspension travel, providing the ability to glide over bumps and rugged terrain, says the company.

The RTV-X1140 offers a variety of standard and optional features to enhance productivity and operator comfort. Options include alloy wheels and a factory-installed, spray-on bed liner to protect the cargo bed from dirt and damage. Driving comfort comes standard with an ergonomically-designed, split-bench-style seat designed to provide hours of smooth riding. With sophisticated technology and easy-to-operate features, the RTV-X1140 offers a digital meter cluster with bright, easy-to-read indicators to keep the operator informed of critical driving conditions, including speed, hours and miles traveled. A large glove box on the passenger side provides secure, lockable storage and under-seat compartments beneath the split-bench seats provide convenient storage space for tools, tie-downs and personal items.

Also new to 2016 is a front four-point PTO K-Connect for the RTV-X1100C, giving this model the ability to transform into the ultimate snow removal machine, with four new attachments: 66-in. snow blower, 78-in. straight blade, 78-in. V-plow and 66-in. rotary broom. With K-Connect, these new implements connect in seconds without tools and can be easily removed for seasonal storage. The PTO is gear-box driven for durability, less maintenance and quieter operation. The control handle offers simple control for all implements, and the PTO switch is ergonomically-located and easily reachable for double action intuitive control, similar to tractor functionality.

Advice to Buyers

“If you’re looking for a utility vehicle that converts and carries crew as easily as cargo, be sure to test the transformation process several times while at the dealership. Converting from one row to two rows should be quick and easily performed by just one person,” says Eric Goins, Kubota RTV product manager. “I like to tell people to think about the practicality of transformation systems — make sure it doesn’t get in its own way for things like side loading or restricting access to the cargo bed in any way.”

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