Kubota Introduces New RTV-X1130 with Highly Capable Cargo Bed


From the World of Concrete tradeshow floor, Kubota Tractor Corporation unveiled the RTV-X1130, its newest addition to the company’s popular line of diesel-powered utility vehicles. The new RTV-X1130 was designed to reimagine the capabilities of its cargo bed: the RTV-X1130 features a 6-ft long bed that offers increased productivity and configuration options to handle various types of cargo. From gravel and sand to pallets with pipes and sod, the RTV-X1130 can be transformed to offer different cargo configurations without the need for tools. The cargo bed features different material sub-compartments, and an easy flatbed configuration with its new Kubota-exclusive Pro-Konvert bed. The RTV-X1130 is a dream machine for any anyone moving, lifting and dumping materials at a jobsite and is available now at authorized Kubota dealers. 

“With the RTV-X1130, we reimagined what a cargo bed is capable of, and then we took it to the next level by adding a suite of accessories. We’re excited to offer this utility vehicle to anyone that needs to move material – it’s going to knock their socks off,” said Jacob Mandoza, Kubota product manager, utility vehicles. “This new model will round out a contractor’s fleet – it’s the material mover model. The RTV-X1130 transforms its bed configuration to manage different loads. Need to transport pallets? Drop the bed sides and it’s a flat bed. Have two material types that can’t be mixed? Add the bed dividers and take both in one trip. Have a heavy object? Load it up with our in-bed winch and get on your way. No matter what you’re hauling, moving, or dumping the RTV-X1130 is ready to get to work!”

Cargo Bed Features New Pro-Konvert System


Kubota’s RTV-X1130 features a cargo bed that does more than ever before thanks to its new Kubota-exclusive Pro-Konvert system. To start, the standard cargo bed capacity offers an impressive 26 cubic feet of storage and a cargo capacity of 1,213 lbs. Then, using the new Pro-Konvert= system, the bed and its three sides can be easily configured without tools, allowing operators to drop the two sides and/or the back tailgate for loading and even converting it into a flatbed. Plus, a hydraulic dump bed with new bed lock allows for more controlled loads and precision material placement. The hydraulic dump bed comes standard so sand, gravel, turf and more, can be dumped with little effort in mere seconds. The cargo bed is constructed of heavy-duty steel and comes standard with a spray-on bed liner.

New Cargo Box Accessories

Kubota’s RTV-X1130 features new cargo box accessories including an optional rear, in-bed winch to load heavy and awkwardly sized loads; a tailgate extender for longer materials; and integrated in-bed LED lights so you can see into the bed during all times of the day and night. Under-bed storage boxes keeps smaller tools and items out of the way but easily accessible when needed. No matter the task at hand, the RTV-X1130 is built to get the job done.

Power Your Productivity: Kubota Diesel Engine and Hydrostatic Transmission 

Kubota’s diesel engine and VHT-X hydrostatic transmission provide smooth and powerful performance on various terrain. The RTV-X1130 has a maximum travel speed of 25 mph and uses multi-disc wet brakes which provide long brake life. Operators will have optimal control when traveling down long inclines, knowing that dynamic braking is helping to provide additional braking power. Traveling at low speeds is smooth and comfortable with a highly responsive throttle for traction and maneuverability with or without loads. Regardless of the terrain or load, independent suspension on all four wheels helps to ensure an exceptional ride. Kubota’s extra duty IRS (Independent Rear Suspension) technology is durable and helps to power optimal productivity.

The new RTV-X1130 is available now in Kubota orange or RealTree Camo, at authorized Kubota dealers. For more information or to find an authorized Kubota dealer near you, visit www.KubotaUSA.com.

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