Kawasaki Utility Vehicles — 2016 Spec Guide

Four Hard-Working, Commercial UTVs from the Mule Pro Series

Introduced in 2014, the Kawasaki Mule Pro series features the fastest and most powerful Mule side by side ever built. With a wide variety of models available, the Mule Pro series is perfect for any ranch, jobsite, farm or fleet as well as time on trail. Built Kawasaki strong, the Mule Pro Series provides the right vehicle for any ranch, farm or jobsite. They provide side-by-side versatility with either a 812-cc, three-cylinder, fuel injected, DFI gasoline engine that delivers a class-leading 48 ft-lbs of torque, or a 993-cc, three-cylinder diesel engine that has relentless torque when you have to haul or tow all day long, says Kawasaki.

The Mule Pro Series takes full advantage of Kawasaki’s speed-sensitive Electric Power Steering (EPS) system on nearly all of its models. It reduces steering effort at low speeds and provides optimal steering feedback to enhance handling as speed increases. The EPS helps to reduce bump steer on rough terrain, reducing driver fatigue and helping the driver enjoy a tight 16-ft turning radius.

One of the main features of the Mule Pro Series is its versatile Trans Cab seating system, available on the Mule Pro-FXT and Mule Pro-DXT models. The Trans Cab system leads the industry with its 1:1:1 seating conversion system, allowing one person to convert the seating configuration from three to six passengers with one trip around the vehicle in about a minute. This means the Mule can expand its cargo capacity, carrying up to 1,000 lbs (600 lbs maximum in California) in the three-passenger mode and up to 350 lbs in the six-passenger configuration. Kawasaki says both the Mule Pro FX and Mule Pro DX models feature the largest cargo bed in their class (54.1 in. x 53.3 in. x 11 in.) and are able to accommodate a standard size wooden pallet (48 in. x 40 in.), giving the vehicle more versatility. All of the Mule Pro cargo beds have a diamond-plate, steel cargo bed floor as well as a gas-assisted tilt feature that allows the user the ability to clean the cargo bed floor and easier access to the engine compartment.

The driver and all passengers experience a comfortable feel with the Mule’s plush front and rear bench seats, that are easy to get on and off of with ample space and three-point seat belts for all passengers in the cabin. A multi-function LCD instrument cluster provides a large, easy-to-read display including speedometer, odometer, hour meter, fuel gauge, dual trip meters, two-wheel and four-wheel drive indicators, clock and much more to keep the driver informed.

The Mule Pro Series of side by sides all have a ROPS system as well as a 2-in. receiver hitch to tow up to 2,000 lbs with the optional draw bar. Potential buyers will be happy to see the steel front bumper and steel cargo bed. These crucial parts provide greater durability and strength, keeping the Mule Pro Series strong, says Kawasaki.

Advice to Buyers

“We have seen a need for strong, durable equipment in a variety of industries and the Mule Pro Series fills that need,” says Kevin Mann, Kawasaki four-wheel manager. “No two days are the same when you are working, and the versatility of being able to transport large cargo loads or carry up to six passengers is paramount. Combining that versatility with reliability gives you the perfect machine for the job.”
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