Cushman Utility Vehicles Summarized — 2017 Spec Guide

Cushman utility vehicle

The Hauler Line of Gas, Diesel and Electric Utility Vehicles

For more than 110 years, Cushman has built a wide range of material handling and personnel transportation solutions for a variety of industries. The Cushman Hauler line of utility vehicles offers a range of models, in both 4×4 and 4×2 to meet customer needs, including these highlights:

  • • Hauler 800 — The Cushman Hauler 800 is available with a quiet, zero-emissions 48-volt electric drivetrain or a high-torque, fuel-efficient 13.5-hp Kawasaki engine. With a maximum capacity of 800 lbs, a 5.9-cu-ft cargo bed and bench seating for two, the Hauler 800 is an ideal runabout vehicle for smaller tasks.
  • • Hauler 800X — The Cushman Hauler 800X is available in either the quiet, zero-emissions 48-volt electric drivetrain or a gas-powered 13.5-hp Kawasaki engine. To ensure the job gets done right, the vehicle is equipped with 20-in. tires and a 5.9-cu-ft cargo bed with power dumping options.
  • • Hauler 1200/1200X — Cushman’s new truck-inspired Hauler 1200 features a larger (12-cu-ft standard plastic or 15-cu-ft aluminum) customizable cargo bed, premium tires and optional power dump. Additional accessory items are available. The Hauler 1200X model is lifted, making it ideal for more challenging terrain.
  • • Hauler PRO/PRO-X — Powered by a 72-volt AC electric drivetrain, the Hauler PRO-X has a daily range of up to 50 miles. A higher ground clearance and optional limited slip differential provide enhanced traction and control on the toughest terrain. It comes standard with a 12-cu-ft cargo bed and a total load capacity of 900 lbs.
  • • Hauler 4×4 Gas — With a robust, 28-hp, EFI gas engine, user-selectable four-wheel drive and a range of up to 100 miles, the Cushman Hauler 4×4 Gas is armed to take on any task. It features an 800-lb cargo capacity, maximum speed of 25 mph and four-wheel independent suspension for a smooth ride.
  • • Hauler 4×4 Diesel — With a standard 14.4-cu-ft steel bed, 1,600-lb cargo capacity and a three-cylinder, 22-hp diesel engine, the Hauler 4×4 Diesel is built for performance. It features a maximum speed of 25 mph, four-wheel independent suspension and a rollover protection system (ROPS) for passenger safety.
  • • Hauler 4×4 Diesel Crew — Designed to move workers around a jobsite without compromising power or payload, the Hauler 4×4 Crew can seat four crew members on two rows of bench seating. Its performance is built on a three-cylinder, 22-hp diesel engine, with continuously variable transmission and user-selectable two- or four-wheel drive.

Advice to Buyers

“Utility vehicles offer numerous options to make daily tasks and maintenance more efficient,” says Raven Honsaker, director of product strategy and development for Cushman. “We recommend buyers choose a model based on their specific fuel, towing capacity and cargo needs, and then consider options and accessories to further enhance jobsite productivity and worker safety.”

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  • heath raines
    August 8, 2018 12:05:05

    hauler 800 price?

    • Keith Gribbins
      August 8, 2018 12:11:18

      You’ll need to contact your local Cushman dealer, Heath.