Here’s a lowdown on Club Car’s Corporate Solutions Program for utility vehicle users

Planning, managing and maintaining a fleet of utility vehicles can be a formidable undertaking, but Club Car can help through its Corporate Solution Program. The program’s trained transportation experts work in coordination with their customers to develop fleet management and maintenance programs and assign accountability for them.

“In today’s complex environment, our customers require more than utility and transport vehicles. They need guidance in developing a comprehensive transportation plan and controlling their transportation budget,” says Kimber Parish, commercial and industrial marketing manager. Moving to a single supplier with fleet planning expertise can be a giant step in this direction.

Here’s why. Many universities, resorts, government agencies and other organizations have added vehicles on a departmental basis as needed. As a result, they have a mishmash of vehicles made by various manufacturers, of different ages, with dissimilar charging systems and varying maintenance schedules. This requires a larger parts inventory, additional employee training and increases overall complexity.

“This random approach makes fleet purchasing, management and maintenance much more chaotic than it should be. And every minute a member of your team is struggling with these issues is another minute in which work is not getting done,” Parrish says.

A Better Option: Club Car’s Corporate Solutions Program

Club Car’s Corporate Solutions Program helps users see the big picture and build and control a more effective fleet.

Trained Club Car representatives review customers’ needs and help them select the right mix of vehicles to meet their day-to-day tasks and long-term goals. They take into account issues such as sustainability, safety, accessories, versatility and where the vehicles will be used.

These experts can also help clients establish maintenance schedules and logs, assign accountability for various aspects of fleet management and stabilize their monthly fleet costs.

A Club Car representative recently did all that for John Cedillo, general manager of Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Cay, Fla., when Cedillo wanted to replace his fleet of 60 vehicles. “We needed more than vehicles,” Cedillo says. “We needed a partner who could help us create an effective fleet culture. Only Club Car offered that.”

“It makes all the difference in the world to partner with a single UTV supplier with great products and a high level of expertise,” Cedillo says. “Working with Club Car has resulted in a complete culture change that has improved efficiency and safety and cut our costs. We now have systems in place to manage the fleet and one contact who is deeply invested in the success of our property.”

To learn more about the program and see the Carryall, stop by Club Car’s booth #801 at the Association of Physical Plant Administrators (APPA) Conference and Exhibition in Chicago, Ill., August 4–5.  Or visit Club Car’s booth #506 at the National Institute of Government Purchasing (NIGP) show in Kansas City, Mo., from Aug. 4–5.

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