Club Car Utility Vehicles — 2015 Spec Guide

Carryall Utility Vehicles with Automatic All-wheel Drive

Club Car was founded in 1962 and introduced its first Carryall utility vehicle into the U.S. market in 1984. According to Club Car, the current lineup includes the industry’s only automatic all-wheel-drive utility vehicles: the two-passenger Carryall 1500 and the four-passenger Carryall 1700. Both are engineered to withstand rugged conditions such as construction sites, industrial settings and refineries. They are available for purchase or lease. Rental-ready options are available at rental houses, with service provided by the company’s Dedicated Rental Team.

Carryall 1500 and Carryall 1700 utility vehicles are available with gas or diesel powertrains with sealed intake systems and a maximum vehicle capacity of up to 1,750 lbs, depending on the model. The Carryall 1700 is popular on construction sites and with rental houses. It comfortably transports two crews and their gear and has a full-size cargo bed. Yet, it costs just 20 percent more than a two-passenger vehicle. The company’s exclusive IntelliTrak automatic all-wheel-drive system senses the ground it’s on and moves from one- to two- to three- to four-wheel drive to match conditions, with no levers to pull or buttons to push. IntelliTrak also has fewer moving parts than traditional 4x4s, which reduces the chance of damage.

Club Car’s aircraft-grade tubular aluminum frame is rustproof and engineered to resist impact better than the steel frames on other UTVs, says Club Car. The vehicles also feature an industrial-strength Rhino-lined aluminum bed box with a single-handed latch-and-release tailgate. The vehicles’ four-link semi-independent rear suspension system combines independent system performance with solid-axle strength. The Carryall 1700 carries bed loads of up to 1,050 lbs over rocky terrain and maintains its axle ground clearance of 8.3 in. while delivering a comfortable ride.

Carryalls accommodate an exclusive configurable bed-based attachment system. Known as VersAttach, it is available with a variety of tool and equipment holders and racks that carry equipment outside of the bed. This lets your crews organize and protect expensive equipment, free bed space and limit round trips. The system can be removed in a snap. The vehicles carry a two-year, 2,000-hour limited warranty, and their maximum speed is a safe 25 mph.

Club Car also offers electric and gasoline 4×2 utility vehicles in compact, medium and large size. Electric models feature EFI engines and accommodate an optional automatic limited slip differential that lets them travel on terrain that usually requires a 4×4, says Club Car.

Advice to Buyers

“The construction and grounds industries are moving from costly pickup trucks to more nimble, less expensive utility vehicles that compress jobsite cycle times, drive top-line revenues and reduce costs,” says Kimber Parrish, Club Car’s consumer and industrial marketing manager. “If you are making that transition, look for powerful automatic four-wheel-drive vehicles that deliver ease of use and can do the heavy lifting these sites require.”

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