Meyer Products Celebrates 90 Years of Innovation (Just Check Out This Old Tyme Photo)

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On a blustery winter day in 1926, Edward B. Meyer took on mother nature by putting a wooden moldboard on the front of a Buick to clear his driveway, giving birth to the Meyer Auto Snow Plow Co. Since that time, coping with the elements has never been the same.

This year Meyer Products celebrates its 90th anniversary as the industry leader in snow and ice control systems, with year-long activities planned to celebrate the occasion. From the durability and value of its professional series plows, to insert hopper and tailgate spreaders to reliable anti-icers and walk-behind spreaders, Meyer Products continually shields its customers from the eye of the storm.

Company poresident Andy Outcalt says that the company’s longevity can be attributed to a dedication to product innovations, value and customer needs. “We like to think that we reinvent our business every day. We are constantly looking for the unmet needs of our customers. In the cyclical ice and snow business, our eyes are always on the future and anticipating the demands of our marketplace.”

Growth driven by continuous product innovations

Meyer’s decades of innovation are a history lesson in the evolution of snow and ice removal equipment. In the 1920s and 30s Meyer’s moldboard went from wood to steel and the first hydraulic lift came into being. In the 1960s car and truck dealerships incorporated Meyer plows on their vehicles to increase sales, and snow pros looked to Meyer for a commercial-grade plow for round-the-clock use. The company also introduced “Power Angling” which enabled operators to move the plow blade left or right without having to leave the comfort of the cab. Power angling is as popular now as power steering on cars.

The 1970s Meyer rolled out the first snow plow headlights for safer plowing and introduced a “Mini-Spreader” to combat ice. The 80s brought the Slik-Stik, a single electric switch to give operators the ability to quickly move the height and angle of the plow. In the 90s Meyer jumped to the front of the industry with high molecular polymers, launched “Electro Touch Control,” leading the industry in total electronic moldboard control, and swapped the fiberglass design of their spreaders with hi-tech thermo plastic, now an industry standard.

Millions invested to keep Meyer at the forefront

Over the last 15 years, Meyer has energized the company by investing millions of dollars into its manufacturing facility in Cleveland, redesigning its entire plow line for added strength, reliability and ease-of-use. It has added a wide variety of spreaders, including the Crossfire with an industry leading integrated pre-wet system.

Meyer’s decades of innovation are a history lesson in the evolution of snow and ice removal equipment.

Meyer’s decades of innovation are a history lesson in the evolution of snow and ice removal equipment.

New technology, including diagnostic and wireless controllers along with Hands-Free Plowing and Ground Tracking Technology, keeps Meyer at the forefront of innovation. Meyer backs its plows and select spreaders with an industry leading five-year warranty. Today Meyer offers the largest line of commercial plows and spreaders in the industry to meet the needs of every segment of the snow and ice removal category.

In September, 2015 Meyer Products LLC and Swenson Spreader joined with European industry leader ASH Group to help take the company to the next level of growth and technological advancement. The ASH Group, parent company of European brands Aebi and Schmidt, offers a globally comprehensive and technologically advanced range of products for winter and summer maintenance focused primarily on the municipal, industrial, airport and railway sectors.

Since its creation on a farm in Newburgh, New York, Meyer Products has come a long way as a pioneer and leader in manufacturing reliable snow and ice control equipment while it continues to look for the next frontier in the industry.

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