Harper Industries Introduces DewEze VT Series Hydraulic Valve System for Trucks

Known for superior hydraulic Clutch Pump Kits, Harper Industries introduces the DewEze Valve Tank (VT) Series System featuring a PosiFlow reservoir. This labor saving tank-mounted valve system excels in snow and ice management applications, and can be fitted to any light- or medium-duty truck.

The VT Series can control up to seven actions, including a spreader, to operate a fully loaded snow and ice management vehicle. It is a self-contained valve system featuring a weather-resistant compartment that helps prevent chemical corrosion, while allowing easy access to the valve. The VT Series is available with three coating options – painted carbon, a polyurethane coated steel or stainless steel – depending on the end-user’s application requirements. And the PosiFlow reservoir assures oil is constantly forced to the pump for peak performance and efficiency.

Unique to the DewEze VT Series is the priority inlet, which allows end users to prioritize how much oil is sent to a specific action. Typically with an electrical solenoid valve, it’s all or nothing. There’s little wiggle room to fine-tune the action of raising a plow or extending a wing, which means they can move more abruptly than desired. With the priority inlet, users can adjust the flow of oil for a more controlled action, regardless of the truck’s RPM.

The VT Series is offered in several configurations and is completely customizable. Choose from double- and single-acting valves, electric and manual valves, central systems, plow and hoist, electrical spreader controls and more. There are hundreds of variations, making the VT Series a truly versatile hydraulic valve system to fit any work truck.

For more information, call 800-835-1042 or visit www.deweze.com.


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