Wacker Neuson Skid Steers — 2014 Spec Guide

Introduced in 2014, Wacker Neuson’s new skid steers are the newest models to enter the North American market. According to the company, Wacker Neuson used on going feedback and advice from contractors who use these machines every day to make a living to engineer each model. With the addition of the new skid steer line, Wacker Neuson offers the most comprehensive and competitively unique line of light and compact equipment in the industry, says the  company.

The company’s initial offerings include the SW24 radial-lift skid steer loader that delivers 2,350 lbs of rated operating capacity at 50 percent of tip load and a lift height up to 10 ft, 5 in. The SW28 is a vertical-lift skid steer offering 2,800 lbs of rated operating capacity at 50 percent of tip load and a class-leading lift height of 11 ft, 2 in., says Wacker Neuson. Both machines are equipped with a 74.3-hp turbocharged Perkins Tier 4 Final engine with a maintenance-free PMC (particulate matter catalyst) after-treatment system. The units are available with both H-pattern and ISO joystick hydraulic pilot controls.

The ergonomically designed controls and pressurized cab deliver comfort and visibility, reducing operator fatigue and increasing safety. Standard features include two speed transmission, adjustable suspension seat, backup alarm, rear and top window, auxiliary hydraulics with faster quick-coupler pressure relief, 12- by 16.5-in. multi-terrain tires and mechanical coupler. A variety of packages are available to match features based on preference, jobsite conditions and price. Optional features available depending on the package chosen include a hydraulic universal attachment plate, fully enclosed pressurized cab with HVAC system, engine block heater, hydraulic bucket level, ride control, AM/FM radio, one-way hydraulic self-leveling, adjustable auxiliary high flow, additional counter weights and 14-pin front electrical attachment controls.

Wide open entry-ways and flat floors allow for easier accessibility when getting in and out while providing ample leg and foot room. The cab is tightly sealed to keep out noise and dust creating a clean and comfortable operating environment. Optional features such as the integrated HVAC system with automotive-style louvers direct tempered air where the operator needs it most and free of fog during cold days. The expansive curved front glass, large top window and low side windows provide a panoramic view of the jobsite from the cab. This view also provides the operators with a better vantage point to control the attachment. With the ability to see both the leading edge and cutting edges of the bucket, the operator can be more precise and confident during operation.

Advice to Buyers
“When it comes to choosing a skid steer, there are many options for the contractor to choose from,” says Brent Coffey, product manager for skid steers at Wacker Neuson. “Contractor’s need to look beyond the specifications and research features and benefits that will best fit their application needs. This can include special designs integrated into the cab, excellent visibility or accessibility to key service components.”

Wacker Neuson Skid Steers

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