Volvo Skid Steers — 2014 Spec Guide

Volvo Construction Equipment now offers seven skid steer loader models (three radial and four vertical lift) and load capacities which allow for a perfect fit to any application. In 2011, Volvo first introduced the C-Series skid steer loaders with a single loader arm design with three wheeled models. In May 2012, Volvo added four more models to the range for a total of seven skid steer loaders. The seven models are the MC60C, MC70C, MC85C, MC95C, MC110C, MC115C and MC135C. Rated operating capacities range from 1,350 to 3,000 lbs and gross engine power from 48 to 74 hp.

Due to the single loader tower arm design, cab access is easier and safer. Operators enter and exit the cab through a large, wide-opening side cab door. This eliminates the need for operators to climb onto and over the bucket or attachment. A bolt-on, non-slip step under the door increases safe entry and exit of the cab. The first-owner, lifetime-warranted single loader arm provides strength and reliability and effectively distributes the load over the single loader arm (without affecting machine balance), while the design also enhances visibility. The pressurized cab also features a large top window for improved visibility during truck loading.

Lifting characteristics of both the radial or vertical linkage designs make the Volvo C-Series ideal for all applications from truck loading, material handling to final grading. When equipped with the optional boom suspension, Volvo skid steer loaders are efficient in repeated load-and-carry operations. The Volvo cab is sealed and pressurized, keeping out dust and noise and keeping operator fatigue levels down. More importantly, in an emergency exit situation these machines are much easier to get out of than traditional format skid steer loaders, as exit is through the large front window rather than a small rear window.

Volvo C-Series skid steer loaders offer improved service access through a forward-tilting cab and large rear compartment service door and all service and maintenance points are accessible through simple, safe means. The side entry and exit of the cab makes it possible for the operator to engage the loader arm support without having to pass under a raised boom.

The design of the single arm boom has allowed Volvo Construction Equipment to adapt core values of quality, safety and care for the environment into each of these models by offering the following examples: quality — first-owner lifetime warranty on the boom; safety — side entry eliminating the need for the operator to climb over tools and attachments; and environmental care — fuel efficient and meets emission requirements.

Advice to Buyers
“A side entry skid steer loader has several advantage, and it’s well worth taking a close look at the machine. Side entry prevents climbing in and out of the cab over a potentially slippery attachment, while also providing best all-around visibility,” says Lars Arnold, utility product manager with Volvo Construction Equipment. “It’s a given that you’ll also take a close look at additional performance features and value for your specific needs and applications, including rated operating capacity, reach, three- or seven-way controls, standard or high speed, boom suspension and standard- or high-flow needs.”

Volvo Skid Steers

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