PRINOTH Continues the Introduction of its Next Generation of Vehicles with PANTHER T6, T8, and T12 Models

PRINOTH continues to unveil its next generation of PANTHER crawler carriers — the PANTHER T6, T8 and T12. After selling several hundred vehicles throughout the world in the last years, PRINOTH resets the productivity standards again with these new versions. By carefully listening to our customers and learning from their usage of our units, the legacy fleet has now been improved to boost the productivity levels. Specifically on the bare chassis version, the payload has been increased by about 2,000 lb per model and now allows for even more implements and tools to be installed which will provide even more versatility to an already very agile fleet.

Sturdier, Even Quicker

Following the improvements on the rotating dumper models, the PANTHER T14R and T7R, PRINOTH is happy to report efficient changes into the T6, T8 and T12 vehicles’ design to improve their operation levels and maximize capacities. By boosting the speed on most of the units, especially the PANTHER T12 which now presents with a 35% speed increment, PRINOTH strives to help its customers do more with less like moving less dead weight, fitting bigger implement on smaller machines and continually increasing their profitability on the jobs that they land. After all, our company purpose statement is “Your success is our passion.”

We’ve made tremendous productivity improvements on the PANTHER T12. These changes will bring the T12 neck to neck with its rotary sister model, the PANTHER T14R renowned for being best-in-class for ground speed levels.

“Current business conditions dictate that the doing more with less approach is the name of the game. That is why the PRINOTH corporate culture calls for us to listen closely and communicate constantly with our customers, while using an agile approach to provide long lasting solutions to the specialized off-road construction market,” commented PRINOTH CEO, Alessandro Ferrari.

For the first time, the PANTHER T12 dumper model will be available with the unique spacious wide cab giving much more room for operators whilst keeping the steering wheel and foot throttle pedal driving system. “Our vehicles drive just like any truck and this system is part of providing comfort to the operator which we feel is as important to the operator as it is to the contractor who employs them. We’re constantly pushing the envelope and aiming to have the best operator comfort as it clearly boosts productivity,” commented Product Manager, Patrick Hébert.

The Best Uptime Everywhere

One aspect that PRINOTH and its team prides itself on is to simply provide customers with the best uptime with these vehicles. PANTHER Crawler Carriers continually provide unparalleled uptime and performance by virtue of the vehicles’ high quality components and built and by working into unit designs less hassle for scheduled or preventive maintenance involving key components that could put the machine down for hours. PRINOTH vehicles are built on an assembly line with strong processes and rigorous quality checks because the company targets nothing but the best quality standards. What’s more, PRINOTH has dedicated field testing engineers who put the units through extreme duty cycles in different tough conditions to ensure customers get working vehicles every time.

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Built-in Versatility

The PANTHER T8 has often been referred to as the most versatile tracked vehicle on the market because of its size and capacities, but also because of the amazing possibilities this vehicle offers for both equipment and materials transportation to hard-to-access areas.

As part of its services to customers, PRINOTH offers a Factory Installation Guide and has a dedicated Factory Application Team who supports special requests from the field. Customers share their challenges and, the Factory Application team develops solutions together with them, listening and collaborating intensively throughout the project to unsure the best solutions are found for those specific needs.

Considering that PANTHER crawler carriers are all built on a 34-inch standard truck style chassis with available power pad and built-in hydraulic connections, equipping off-road vehicles with implements other than dump bodies is simple and safe with PRINOTH’s units.

Technology Upgrades

This new generation of PANTHER vehicles are now powered by CAT double-label engine models EPA Tier 4 Final/EUROMOT Stage V, making PANTHER the first complete crawler carrier line-up using the new most demanding emission regulation engine technology. The engine upgrade is also supporting PRINOTH’s Clean Motion philosophy for sustainability; the company’s forward-thinking corporate philosophy synonymous not only with low energy consumption but also with environmental protection in ecologically sensitive areas.


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