Heavy snow and ice don’t have to come between your skid steer and a good day’s work. You can upgrade the traction and flotation of your loader to take on the worst of winter in just 20 minutes with Camso over-the-tire (OTT) tracks. Camso OTT rubber tracks are an easy-to-install skid steer attachment that gives your rubber-tired machine up to 5-times more flotation in the toughest of winter conditions: deep snow, drifts and windrows.

Camso’s embedded iron OTT core prevents detracking, so you keep going. Internal traction ribs specially designed for your machine make and model deliver sure traction without wearing on your tires. Best of all, Camso OTT rubber tracks work all year long wherever you need extra mobility without damaging paved surfaces or turf. See it and believe it! Take a look at Camso OTT tracks chewing through big snow above.

For more coverage of Camso products, click this link. You won’t need OTTs to get through this link.

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