Mustang Skid Steers — 2014 Spec Guide

Mustang began in the 19th century as the Owatonna Mfg. Co. It started as an agricultural implement manufacturer and has since grown into a 21st century compact equipment powerhouse. Mustang is the second-oldest skid steer loader manufacturer in the world, building its first skid steer in 1965 — the Mustang Series 1000.

Mustang currently offers a broad range of 11 skid steer loader models. Raw power, a hallmark Mustang feature, is provided by high-output, high-torque engines on every model. Ground-engaging capabilities and cycle-time performance are made possible by advanced, well-balanced hydraulic systems. Hundreds of attachments are easily interchangeable to expand the uses of a Mustang skid steer loader.

The Mustang 2012 and 2026 comprise the small-frame skid steer loader family. These radial-lift models offer substantial productivity relative to their super-compact size. The 2012 can be configured to a width of less than 36 in., providing access to restricted work environments. Size does not limit performance, however, with a lift height of 96 in. and a rated operating capacity of 850 lbs. The equally strong and maneuverable 2026 has a rated operating capacity of 1,050 lbs.

The medium-frame Mustang skid steer models include the 2041, 2044 and 2054. With rated operated capacities ranging from 1,350 to 1,650 lbs, these radial-lift skid steer loaders are characterized by their outstanding performance in a compact frame. With engines rated at 46 hp, there is ample power to complete the most demanding of applications. Mustang 1900R, 2200R, 2600R, 2700V NXT2, 3300V NXT2 and 4000V large-frame models complete the skid steer loader range. These powerful workhorses are loaded with features that other manufacturers consider optional. Standard hydraulic self-leveling for performance and mechanical suspension seats for comfort are two examples of many. Mustang models 1900R, 2200R and 2600R are radial-lift path models, while the 2700V NXT2, 3300V NXT2 and 4000V are vertical-lift path models.

All loaders are equipped with universal mechanical quick-attach plates, for accepting a comprehensive range of attachments. A hydraulic power-attach is optional, to facilitate easy change-overs. Auxiliary hydraulic flow is standard, as is self-leveling on many models. Operator comfort and safety are provided through a standard Level 2 ROPS structure. The roomy, quiet operator area can be configured to operator preference through a variety of options, including heat and air conditioning.

Advice to Buyers
“When purchasing a skid steer loader, an equipment buyer should first determine the primary applications in which it will be used today and in the future,” says Brian Rabe, Mustang manager of product development. “From there, the equipment buyer should evaluate if the model’s lift height, rated capacity, size and available attachments will meet those needs. Ease of maintenance and comfort are also important factors to consider. Finally, make sure that you are comfortable with the level of service and support offered by the equipment dealer.”

Mustang Skid Steer Specs

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