Letter to the Editor: An Appreciation for Special Editions

Dear Compact Equipment Editor,
I want to express my appreciation for the information and knowledge I’ve gained from the magazine. Over the past few years, it has meant a lot to me by enlightening me to things I would have otherwise not known. Your special editions are most appreciated. The January 2014 edition featuring skid steers was most informing, and I enjoyed being able to compare features. I own and operate a John Deere 240. If one could say they love a machine, then I would say “I love my machine!” I’m always comparing mine to the newer ones, and I still think I have the best engineered machine ever. Keep up in the good work and thanks again.

James Vertrees
The Landman (Light Earth Work)
Palmyra, Tenn.


Big ole buckets of thanks to James for his comments. Feel free to send similar comments or concerns to [email protected] or to Compact Equipment, 10050 Brecksville Rd., Brecksville OH 44141.