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doosan-showcaseDoosan Portable Power G Series

Doosan Portable Power now offers three newly designed models to its mobile generator lineup — G25, G50 and G70. The G25, G50 and G70 generators incorporate numerous innovations based on customer input and are aimed at improving operator experience. The Tier 4 Final-compliant generators offer improved fuel efficiency, extended runtimes and the industry’s lowest sound levels — all without sacrificing reliability and performance. The G25, G50 and G70 models are the first mobile generators equipped with Doosan-built engines — the D18, D24 and D34, respectively. The high-performance engines deliver increased fuel economy, motor starting capability and reliable operation in extreme conditions. The D18 and D24 engines are designed with a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) aftertreatment system, which is virtually maintenance-free.

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CP-showcaseChicago Pneumatic CPG 25 and CPG 45

The Chicago Pneumatic CPG 25 and CPG 45 T4F mobile prime power diesel generators are ideal for heavy-duty applications found on demanding construction sites. Extremely durable, they are environmentally sensitive, offering the flexibility to match the machine to a wide range of applications. Built for rental applications, the two generators feature a compact, sound attenuated, corrosion-resistant enclosure, which offers a single lift point and 110 percent fluid containment. Features include a heavy-duty alternator with AREP excitation and marine-grade protection, as well as a durable Isuzu 4LE engine with DOC-only aftertreatment and a five-year engine warranty — a proven engine platform with high reliability. Generators offer startup power of up to 300 percent over load for the most demanding motor starting applications.

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generac-showcaseGenerac Mobile Gaseous Generator

Generac Mobile Products recently unveiled the new MGG450 mobile gaseous generator. Unique to the industry and ideal for end-users, this unit boasts best-in-class power density with a true 360-kW prime power rating delivering 16.4 kW/L. This makes it ideal for powering large equipment in remote field locations while design integrations ensure continuous operation in extreme conditions. Powering the MGG450 is a continuous-duty 21.9L Generac engine designed with numerous advancements. This includes an advanced fuel control system that minimizes fuel deration, a 1,500-hour service interval that reduces cost of operation and knock sensors on each cylinder for long engine life with maximum power output. The MGG450 also features a 1,500-hour service interval and 40,000-hour major service interval and an optional variable pitch fan that auto-adjusts for cooling and heating needs.

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kohler-showcaseKohler’s Diesel Mobile Generator Line

Kohler Power Systems has added two new models to its robust line of diesel-powered mobile generators. The 90REOZT4 and 120REOZT4 offer flexible options to meet end-user needs and feature quality and reliability. The Tier 4 Final generator models are built to withstand the elements, run long hours in prime and standby applications and meet all EPA emissions standards. Both the 90REOZT4 and 120REOZT4 are EPA emissions certified for non-road use and are equipped with a rugged DOT-certified trailer and patented durable enclosure for easy maintenance. Nothing is attached to the enclosure; all wiring and connections are through the back of the unit, making it easy to remove the entire enclosure for fast engine access. Both units use John Deere Tier 4 Final 4.5L engines that help lower operating costs with efficient performance and fuel savings.

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atlast-showcaseAtlas Copco QAS 25 Generator

Atlas Copco’s new QAS 25 generator is equipped with an Isuzu 4LE engine and a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) to achieve Tier 4 Final emissions levels. The QAS 25 generator is ideal for heavy-duty use in several industries, including rental, oil and gas and construction. It can be used for prime or standby power and is designed to withstand the rigor of demanding use in the field. The QAS 25’s overall durability, as well as the quality and dependability of its interior components, give it one of the highest resale values in the industry. For example, the QAS 25 is mounted on a durable frame and surrounded by a robust enclosure formed from galvanneal steel and is powder coated for a long-lasting, scratch- and corrosion-resistant surface. The unit comes standard with two-wire remote start capability and features a 72-gal fuel tank for a 45-hour run time, nearly twice the run time of some competitive models.

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wn-showcaseWacker Neuson Premium Power Package

Wacker Neuson’s complete line of premium portable generators deliver tool starting and voltage regulation in a rugged, compact package. Nine high-performance models in the series are available ranging from 2,500 to 6,600 watts and in weights between 95 and 206 lbs. Various models are also offered with electric start, wheel kits and Honda engines. The quality advantages start with the rotating field alternator with automatic voltage regulation and separate excitation winding. The result is a machine that offers excellent voltage regulation and superior motor starting ability compared to most competitive generators on the market. This greater motor starting capacity is a real advantage allowing operators to start larger tools for its size. Six models ranging from 3,800 to 6,600 watts feature a central ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) system for all receptacles including 120V and 240V twist locks.

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subaru-showcaseSubaru’s Small Industrial Generators

The line of Subaru Inverter Generators includes the RG3200iS at 3,200 watts and the RG4300iS — the first-ever 4,300-watt inverter generator. The Inverter Series is covered under Subaru’s five-year limited warranty, which includes both the engine and generator. The advanced inverter technology significantly reduces running sound. Conventional generator designs run the engine at full speed regardless of the amount of power being used. Subaru inverter generators run the engine at a slower speed for low power use and automatically increase speed as more electrical power is required. Further sound reduction is achieved through the advanced reverse cooling design. This allows the generators to be fully enclosed in a sound-absorbing, poly-resin enclosure for near silent operation.

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Miller-Electric-Big-Blue-600-ProBig Blue 600 Pro Welder/Generator

The Miller Big Blue 600 Pro welder/generator replaces the popular Tier 4 Interim Big Blue 500 with an even more powerful EPA Tier 4 Final-compliant Kubota engine. Designed for the U.S. market, this 600-amp machine tackles tough jobs that require high output for welding, gouging and auxiliary power and is ideal for heavy industrial applications including construction, structural steel, mining maintenance, pipe welding and maintenance and repair rigs. With up to 20,000 watts of continuous three-phase power, and up to 12,000 watts of continuous single-phase power, the unit is more than capable of running common jobsite tools and equipment, such as lights, grinders and even other plug-in inverter welders. The welder/generator also provides several key upgrades from the previous model including improved arc characteristics, digital weld meters and display and three-phase power available anytime — even while welding.

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Honda_EM5000SX_HandleUpHonda Adds Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Feature to Gen Sets

Honda Power Equipment has added ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) technology to three of its most popular generator models for commercial, rental and residential applications.  The Honda EB6500 Industrial Series generator, the Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series generator and the Honda EG4000 Economy Series generator, are now equipped with GFCI 20-amp duplex receptacles. GFCI protects a user from electrical shock by shutting down the circuit when current is flowing along an unintended path or ground fault. Providing 5,000 watts 120/240V of convenient, reliable backup power for commercial, rental and residential applications, the Honda EM5000 Deluxe Series generator features electric start, remote start capability and exceptionally long run times (as long as 11.2 hours at the 50 percent  load) on one tank of fuel. Powered by the Honda iGX390 engine, the EM5000 operates at a low 72 dB(A) sound level at rated load.

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The Engine Investment

sub-2-showcasePay for Quality and Longevity Rather than Maintenance, Repairs

When purchasing power equipment, the first thing to consider is the heart of the product — the engine. If long-term value and dependability is the goal, choose power equipment that features an engine with a proven record of exceptional reliability, increased durability and minimal required maintenance. An engine that minimizes maintenance and incorporates money-saving durability and design will pay dividends in the long run. Any equipment investment should always start and end with total cost of ownership. What is the purchase price? How much will it cost to maintain? And, of course, how long will it last?

Keeping an engine running smoothly is a science in itself. While oil eliminates friction between the moving parts, it’s the lubrication system that pumps oil where it’s needed most. A proper lubrication system is key to overall engine health and lifespan. Overheating can damage valve stems, seize pistons and even crack or warp cylinder heads, resulting in costly maintenance expenses. Engines that foster a 360-degree airflow around both the exhaust and intake valve stem areas will extend overall product life. This cooling system reduces oil temperatures as much as 20 degrees cooler than other designs.

An engine needs clean air to efficiently burn fuel and maximize horsepower. Unfortunately, small engines are almost always running in environments where dirt, debris and dust accumulate making proper filtration key to avoiding diminished performance and costly maintenance. The standard for most engine manufacturers is a disposable filter that needs replacement every three months or after 50 hours of use. At about $17 per filter, that’s a minimum of $69 per year for filter maintenance. To avoid the extra cost, owners often delay replacing the filter and by the time they get around to it, the damage is already done.

Some manufacturers eliminate this cost by incorporating standard reusable filters. Reusable filters can be washed with soap and water and withstand numerous cleanings without deteriorating.

David Frank is the vice president of sales and marketing for Subaru Industrial Power Products.


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