What’s The Damage? Camso Zeroes in on the Cons of Equipment Tires

Camso does everything it can to determine the next best tire for the OTR industry, sourcing information from end users, from clients, from distributors, and so on. This information then heads to the research and development teams to be applied to the product development process.

Most manufacturers do this, but Camso believes it goes one step further by asking, “what are people looking for in a tire and how do they really know? What could we do to find out?”

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure

To truly understand how to build an enhanced long lasting, durable tire, Camso needed to understand the causes of tire failure. To do this, the company identified a number of tire disposal facilities in Canada, the United States and the UK, gathered 1,000 tires and carefully analyzed them to determine what caused their failure. What they found out:

  • Only one-third of the discarded tires were fully worn; thus they were switched out before failure;
  • 70% of premature failures were caused by impacts to the tire tread, sidewall or shoulder;
  • 30% failed through chunking, bead impact or uneven wear;
  • On bias-ply tires, tread impact was the single greatest cause of these failures, followed by sidewall impacts;
  • On radial tires, nearly half of all failures were caused by impacts to the sidewall or shoulder of the tire.

This scrap pile analysis brought a new level of insight to the R&D teams. It helped to identify real issues with impartial raw data on actual causes of failure without knowing application type. This was about numbers. This was about facts.

Tough is a way of life

Camso’s conclusion? Results showed that most tires failed due to impact. Based on this, it’s safe to say that in construction, a stronger more durable tire is what users are looking for and also what the scrap pile test revealed.

This is where Camso is heading. New compounds tread patterns, better puncture resistance and more sidewall protection. All to maximize tire life, ride quality and to minimize downtime.

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