Eaton’s New HP50 Hydraulic Track Motor Features Stellar Starting Torque and Low Heat Generation

hp50-single-speed-_back EatonPower management company Eaton just announced the launch of the new HP50 track motor, featuring high power density, high starting torque efficiency and low no load pressure drop. Designed to reliably meet the growing trend of higher top speed and horsepower (HP) transfer, the motor is built to stand up to the harsh environments faced by compact tracked skid steer loaders (CTLs), skid steer loaders, harvesters, augers, forestry equipment, grinders and mixers, drilling equipment and sprayers.

“CTL production has continued to grow year-over-year as construction companies seek powerful, versatile machines that can move quickly through tough environments while carrying heavy loads,” said Todd Degler, product manager, Eaton. “Our new HP50 direct drive motor enables higher speeds with up to 23 percent higher starting torque than competing radial piston motors, improving operator productivity with less shifting and a more efficient workflow.”

Customers are invited to “test drive” the new motor by playing Eaton’s CTL Motor Challenge, a new web game developed to demonstrate the speed and efficiency of the new motor. The game, which is optimized for Mozilla Firefox and Chrome browsers, allows players to get behind the wheel of a CTL equipped with Eaton’s motor or competitive offerings and drive around a virtual construction site. With the HP50 motor equipped, players notice that the CTL does not stall when reversing after picking up a load in two-speed mode.

In accelerated durability tests simulating a high-pressure corner HP condition, the new motor demonstrated up to four times the life of radial piston motors and up to ten times the life compared to axial piston gearbox motors. The unique Geroler motor design profile and optimized driveline matches the power outputs of new Tier 4 and 5 engine designs.

The HP50 is available in single-speed or two-speed models. This high pressure, high flow motor can reach 6000 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure and 70 gallons per minute (gpm) of flow. The motor is available with the option of a spring applied hydraulic release brake and provides up to 50,000 inch-pounds of torque.

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