Yoder & Frey to Host its Famous Florida Auction

Yoder and Frey

As Kissimmee 2024 approaches, Yoder & Frey is getting ready to celebrate 50 years of the now world-famous Winter Florida Auction, which was masterminded by the company in 1974. The numbers behind this outstanding auction house are even more impressive.

Apart from the big numbers of 50 years of Kissimmee, and 60 years in the construction and agricultural auction world, Yoder & Frey boasts other big numbers. As part of the Euro Auctions Group, with sister company Michener Allen, in Canada, the group collectively boasts 139 years’ service to the auction sector globally. With Yoder & Frey serving the industry for 60 years, Michener Allen for 53 years and Euro Auctions for 26 years that’s a lot of first-class service. But what is little known about the Euro Auctions group is it is the largest family-owned auction business in the world — and is still growing.

Mike Thurston, senior vice president of Yoder & Frey, picks up the story.

“Just 10 years after their inception, Yoder & Frey created the now world-famous winter sale, running it consecutively now for 50 years. This is an incredible achievement. However, for 60 years Yoder & Frey, has been offering exemplary service to the industry in the US, across all states, and has gained a reputation of some note in that time. Yoder & Frey have been head down doing what they do best, without fuss or ceremony and giving good solid service to the industry for all that time.”

“We know buyers of construction and agricultural machinery like the smell of diesel fumes, kicking the tires, chewing the fat and meeting their buddies. Well, you can’t do that online, and that’s why all our sales are conducted live. In fact, for large consignments, retirement sales and liquidations, we can bring the auction to you, selling at your site, suiting your needs. Of course, being a modern company, we also offer all online services as well.”

“While we’re a local family-owned business, we have global reach, through the Euro Auctions Group, who have permanent sale sites in the USA, Canada, Great Britian, Northern Ireland, Spain, Germany, the Middle East and Australia. Because of this, we market to an international audience of buyers and sellers. As part of this network, we are secure and well capitalized, doubling our footprint in North America in the last 12 months and still expanding.”

“So, what sets Yoder & Frey apart from its competitors? It’s simple. We’re approachable, customer focused, and service driven, and we are always seeking new ways we can best serve you, our customer. Whether that be with attention to detail, or just by offering flexible services and terms. Add to that our cost-effective commissions for both ‘buyers’ and ‘sellers’ with Yoder & Frey you are seeing greater value from sales or purchases.”

“When we reach out to new customers, we often get one of two reactions. Firstly, ‘thank you for coming to see us’ because we do go and meet our customers. And ‘tell me more about Yoder & Frey’, as we have been modestly going about our business and doing it well people sometimes don’t comprehend the size, scale and reach of the organization and the services we can offer. So, we say to those that haven’t worked with Yoder & Frey, we’re here  to support you and help you realize the best price for your assets. Just try us, we think you will be surprised and glad you did. Once customers try Yoder & Frey, they never go back.”

“We understand that for customers trying a new auctioneer may be a little like changing your make of motor vehicle. We each become loyal to a brand, reluctant to change and stuck in our choices, perhaps knowing of no alternative. Another reason consumers don’t change is that they have not been introduced to a viable alternative option. Thinking there is safety in the known. So, is the unknown scary? Is changing difficult? Not with Yoder & Frey. Come and talk to us at Kissimmee, between the 15th and 17th February 2024, or before, and we think you’ll be surprised.”