Visit the K.A. Group at CONEXPO, Check Out Scrapers for All Machines Including CTL Options

CONEXPO cometh. We’re talking about the biggest tradeshow in America by physical size. It only happens every three years, and it’s all centered around construction equipment. CONEXPO-CON/AGG will happen again March 14-18, 2023, in Las Vegas. We’ll be there. So will everyone else. Follow our coverage right here. Here comes more important CONEXPO news…

The K.A. Group — comprised of industry-leading earthmoving equipment brands K-Tec, Ashland and Metalcraft — will be sharing the company’s booth display at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2023 in Las Vegas from March 14-18, 2023.

K-Tec‘s scraper product offerings include scrapers ranging from 28 to 63 cu yds for various heavy construction and mining operations.

Ashland products include scrapers ranging from 3.25 to 34 cu yds for the compact, agriculture and industrial construction markets.

K-Tec and Ashland announced their merger at the previous CONEXPO 2020 to become a leading scraper manufacturer, and Metalcraft of Georgia recently joined the K.A. Group in May of 2022.

Metalcraft scrapers have a niche in construction owner-operator and land forming/grading applications.

With a footprint of nearly 20,000 sq ft of space inside the show’s new West Hall, K.A. Group’s brands are featured at booth #W40231.

K.A. Group’s theme for the 2023 show is “Earthmoving For Everyone”. The company recognizes that earthmovers everywhere have a variety of materials to be moved from one location to another. The optimal equipment selected to move this material is dependent on the application, and the machines that are already owned by the earthmover. Contractors of all sizes can use their existing fleet of prime mover power-units to easily move bulk material by attaching a scraper. Whether you move millions of cubic yards of material as a heavy construction equipment manager or a solo landscaping contractor sculpting residential properties, K.A. Group has scrapers available to make the task of moving material more effective and improve fleet versatility. Whether attendees are involved in industrial mining, construction earthmoving, land leveling contracting, agricultural farming or landscaping contracting, they will find an effective solution at the K.A. Group booth.

In the booth space, Case IH will be showcasing the tractor power-units that are perfectly paired with the optimal sized Ashland or K-Tec scrapers. Ashland’s new 1812E, 18-cu-yd scraper model will be connected to a Case IH Magnum tractor. The 24-cu-yd Ashland 2411E scraper will be attached to a Case IH Quadtrac tractor. K-Tec’s 1228 Train scrapers, with the ability to carry a tandem heaped capacity of 56 cu yds will be positioned behind the Case IH 555 wheeled tractor.

With mass market appeal, a CASE Construction compact track loader will be fitted up with the Ashland 3250SS Scraper for contractors who want to see what it looks like to be able to bulk haul material with a common jobsite CTL machine.

K-Tec is the brand that pioneered the Articulated Dump Truck Scraper concept back at CONEXPO 2008. The ADT scrapers are a versatile and economical method of earthmoving which has consistently gained popularity in the market. With a booth zone focused on heavy construction and mining this show, a variety of OEM’s are providing Articulated Dump Trucks ranging from 30 to 50 tons, showcasing K-Tec scraper hauler integrations. These ADT’s will be on display with K-Tec’s 1228ADT (28 cu yds) and 1237ADT Lead & Rear units (37 cu yds each) to showcase to contractors that there is a scraper solution for whatever brand and size of rock trucks they currently have in their fleet. K-Tec will have a Virtual Reality (VR) experience for operator attendees to simulate the smooth scraper ride and machine controls of the ADT Scrapers.

K-Tec’s EJB4X Ejector Body will be fitted on the back of a Volvo A45G. The EJB allows for trucks to safely eject loaded material in areas with reduced overhead clearance.

An earthmoving implements zone will showcase a variety of complementary attachments that K.A. Group offers through its worldwide dealer network including a newly designed Land Leveler and the popular Metalcraft Road Grader RG-14.

K.A. Group’s scraper specialists will be available at the booth for assisting attendees in assessing optimal earthmoving jobsite solutions. In addition, a team of design engineers and service technicians will also be present to answer any technical inquiries for attendees to gain education on what makes for an effective earthmoving equipment selection.

This broad spectrum of scrapers and earthmoving accessories showcased at K.A. Group’s ConExpo 2023 booth will enable contractors of all sizes to use their existing fleet of prime mover power-units to easily move bulk material. Attendees can unlock the potential of their existing equipment or idle fleet prime movers by turning them into efficient scraper haulers. Whether they own a fleet of numerous ADTs, an agricultural tractor or a single skid steer or CTL, there are scrapers available to make the task of moving material more effective while optimizing equipment fleet versatility.

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