CP TrowelChicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment now features additional concrete equipment in its lineup with the release of new pneumatic pokers, walk-behind screeds, CombiForm screed rail system and power trowels to the marketplace. From walls to floor slabs, the Chicago Pneumatic concrete line has a solution for every step of the job. The concrete products are now available from authorized Chicago Pneumatic equipment dealers across the country.

The new products cover all facets of concrete finishing applications, including vibration, leveling, finishing and cutting.

Pneumatic Pokers
The pneumatic pokers offer power with flexibility. From the smallest job to the largest, Chicago Pneumatic offers a new extensive range of pneumatic pokers to match each job. Powered by an air compressor, the pneumatic poker lineup delivers high-speed vibration and is cooled by compressed air for convenient use — even in remote places where no electricity is available. The compressed air allows the poker to be used for longer periods and in applications such as walls and columns.

Ranging from 1.1 up to 3 in. in tube diameter, the pneumatic pokers minimize vibration to the operator’s hand with a multi-layer hose design complete with an exhaust channel. With few moving parts, the pokers are robust and built to last with little maintenance other than lubrication. High-performance centrifugal force makes the pokers well suited for all types of concrete from low to high slump.

Walk-Behind Screeds
Chicago Pneumatic offers two new walk-behind screeds — the LBG 800 bull float screed and LBG 1200 hand-held screed — that are light and easy to handle. They are designed to provide a consistent, even surface without any guide or supporting tube. Equipped with a reliable Honda engine, the screed features a rubber element to reduce H/A vibrations. For quick adjustments, the ignition switch and throttle control are within easy reach for the operator.

The LBG 800 bull float screed provides deep vibration and leveling in one step. It’s recommended for smaller slabs and low to high slump concrete. The bull float screed is easy to use and maneuver. The screed features a kill ignition switch to easily stop the engine, rubber engine protection to prevent damage, and engine speed adjustment. The LBG 800 has a long reach ability with a handle that features three snap-lock sections, extending up to 14.8 ft. in length. It also features forward and backward use with a twist pitch system that allows the operator to adjust the pitch from plus-or-minus 15 degrees.

The LBG 1200 hand-held screed provides surface vibration only. It’s suitable for slabs of all sizes and medium to high slump concrete. The hand-held screed features adjustable grip handles that place throttle control and the kill ignition switch close to operator’s hands as well as an adjustable handle height for operator comfort. The LBG 1200 has a solid shaft construction, idles without vibration, and comes with a supporting stand so when the unit is not in use, it does not drop on the concrete. Operators can also choose from seven lightweight, interchangeable aluminum profiles ranging from 4 to 16 ft in length.

The CombiForm screed rail system, a new product introduction from Chicago Pneumatic, is cast into the concrete, providing an efficient leveling solution. The lightweight, leave-in-place screed rail system saves time and labor with easy set up and doesn’t require the concrete to be pre-leveled before screeding. It is as simple as connecting sections of the CombiForm to create the span and leveling them with adjusting screws. Once the rails are set in place, the operator can pull the screed on top of them to achieve a flat and level floor. The plastic strip creates an expansion joint that can eliminate the need to use a floor saw. The Chicago Pneumatic CombiForm is available in heights of 1 up to 5.7 in.

STG 245, STG 365 and STG 465 Power Trowels
From small edging tasks to larger floors, the new Chicago Pneumatic power trowels create the finish operators require, while ensuring safe and reliable operation on the job. With unique ergonomics, the trowels are designed with low maintenance features and provide an efficient solution for trowelling applications. The trowels have a new drive system and dead-man handle that automatically stops the handle from spinning when the operator drops or lets go of it. The STG 245 is equipped with rotating protection that allows trowelling the concrete on the edge of the slab, while the STG 365 and STG 465 are used to finish the entire surface. With convenient features and easy handling, the trowels are a great solution to maximize productivity on the job.

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